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5 Tips on How to Start Travel Instagram in 2021

Travel Instagram has opened a new door of opportunities for travel influencers who would love to travel across the world while making money. Nowadays, there are many full-time travel influencers on Instagram who showcase the beauty of the world to their followers.

Tourism boards hire full-time or part-time travel influencers to promote the tourist spots and hospitality of their country. Instagram travel influencers with unique Instagram account and massive following get hired monthly to travel the world. It’s a lifestyle adored by many Instagram users.

Considering the travel opportunities, many people aim to become Instagram travel influencers to get paid a lot of money while traveling across the world. However, most people don’t know that it requires a lot of hard work to establish a travel Instagram page and become a full-time travel influencer.

In this article, we will discuss 5 simple tips that will help you to establish yourself as a full-time travel influencer on social media.

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1. Find Your Niche

As a travel influencer, your travel Instagram account needs to be focused on a specific niche that will help you to establish yourself as the alpha in the subject. Remember that traveling is a massive niche with so many sub-niches such as luxury travel, themes cruises, adventure travel, gastro tourism, winter destinations, hiking, camping, and so on. Picking one or multiple sub-niches as per your priority will help you to establish authority in the subject.
For instance, if you prefer adventure travel sub-niche, you need to focus on creating content related to exotic locations, outdoor activities, outdoor camping, etc. The videos and images in adventure travel focus on non-famous and non-touristy places. On the other hand, if you choose luxury travel as your sub-niche, your travel contents need to be filled with luxurious things.

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2. Capture Great and Attractive Photos

Instagram is an image-based platform, so you need to focus on capturing great photos if you want to become a successful travel influencer. However, don’t assume that you need to take professional photography courses to create visually appealing images to inspire your followers. It’s about knowing the simple tricks to capture a marvelous image.

Although you don’t need professional photography courses, you need to study the basic rules such as angle, lighting, location of photography. These there are known as the rule of three that you need to focus on.
Apart from the basics of photography, you need presets to improve your picture. If you don’t want to invest money to learn presets, you can also improve your pictures by using Instagram filters.

3. Build Your Instagram Brand

Digital branding is one of the most important keys for your Instagram travel page to stand apart from other successful travel influencers. Many travel influencers develop amazing content by uploading inspirational videos and capturing beautiful images. As there are thousands of other travel influencers, you need something more than great content to stand apart.

Building a digital brand is the most important part of becoming an inspirational travel influencer. Don’t forget that loyalty is the best benefit of creating an aspiring digital brand.

You can also create your Instagram travel brand by using your voice. Make sure your captions are capable of telling a meaningful story that will inspire your audiences to join the conversation.

4. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are undoubtedly one of the most popular outlets of social media platforms. As uploading videos and photos is a time-consuming process, posting Instagram stories will allow your followers to know what is coming. This is the main reason why most travel influencers upload a preview of their content in the stories.

Instagram content creators use stories to share their content immediately. As the stories don’t require any additional effort, they are super easy and convenient to use. Additionally, it will help your audiences to get a glimpse of your travels. As per Sprout Social, you can share User-generated content in your Instagram stories.
As Instagram stories are off-brand, it will help you to take your content to the next level. No matter if you’re a travel influencer or not, uploading non-related content to your niche will allow you to show off a little bit of your true side.

5. Use Hashtags

Professional full-time or part-time travel influencers know the importance of hashtags for their job. For every travel campaign-related upload, they use specific hashtags relevant to that campaign.

Using appropriate hashtags will boost the discoverability of your content and ultimately improve the rankings on the explorer page. The hashtag will search for people who don’t follow your profile but relevant as per your topic. In short words, you can gain massive numbers of followers by using the correct hashtags. This will also boost your visibility. You can also buy Instagram comments to enhance the visibility of your Instagram travel page.

Whether you’re planning to upload photos, videos, or Instagram stories, using correct hashtags is very important. This way you can ensure that your content is reaching a new audience.

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These are the top 5 tips to start Travel Instagram in 2021. Remember that traveling the world while getting paid is possible. You just need to be dedicated and consistent to achieve this type of lifestyle. Additionally, you must have a certain level of professionalism to achieve success in your industry. When you have brilliant photography skills and a healthy Instagram page, travel companies or social media agencies will approach you for sponsorships.

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