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8 Types of Clothes You Should Always Have Dry Cleaned

Having a washing machine has made it easier for everyone to do their laundry. However, there are some types of fabric and clothes that you should always have dry cleaned.

To do your laundry, all you have to do is place your dirty clothes and household linens inside the washer, put the detergent and fabric softener in the respective drawers, push a few buttons, and let the machine do the job.
Once the cycle is done, simply get the items out of the machine and fold them.

Unfortunately, you can’t use your washing machine to clean all your clothes and other fabric accessories.
According to professional dry cleaners in Dubai, not all your garments and fabric items can be safely laundered using your washing machine.

Certain types of fabrics and clothes are extremely delicate so you need to have them dry cleaned when they get dirty.

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What is Dry Cleaning?

What is Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning differs from regular laundry or wet cleaning in several ways.

With dry cleaning, clothes and other fabric materials are cleaned without water. The process involves immersing and cleaning the items with a liquid non-water based cleaning solvent.

But aside from the liquid cleaning solutions, water won’t be used in the process, which is why it is called dry cleaning.

Perchloroethylene or perc is the commonly used solution in dry cleaning. However, many companies have shifted to more eco-friendly products, which include liquefied carbon dioxide, silicon-based solvents, and DF-2000 hydrocarbon solvents.

Dry cleaning is recommended for delicate fabrics to prevent their shrinkage. During the garment’s manufacturing process, the textile fabrics are often stretched.

When machine-washed repeatedly, you will soon find these garments shrinking a size smaller.

Other benefits of dry cleaning include:

  • Protecting the brightness and color of garments.
  • Retaining your clothes’ original sheen, texture, and finish.
  • Dissolving grease and oil stains more effectively.
  • Preserving silk, wool, and other natural fibers better.

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Which Clothes and Fabrics Should You Have Dry Cleaned?

Dry Cleaning in Dubai

The labels on your garment will tell you whether they can be machine- or hand-washed or if they need to be dry cleaned.

But if you are unsure which of your clothes are best dry cleaned, use the following guide:

1. Leather

As a general rule, genuine leather jackets, coats, skirts, and pants have to be dry cleaned. This is because water can damage this material, which is why you should never get them wet.

Dry cleaning is highly effective in removing oil and fat, which are not water-soluble, and ink stains. The solvents used in this method can get rid of the dirt and blemishes on your leather garments without damaging the fabric.

It is for this same reason that you should have your designer leather bags dry cleaned when necessary.

But to preserve the look and condition of your leather garments, choose a cleaner that uses eco-friendly organic solvents.

2. Suede

Suede is an expensive fabric made of cow, goat, and lambskin hide. Like leather, it is hard to maintain since it can be damaged easily by moisture, sunlight, and water- and chemical-based cleaning products.

Improper washing can damage your suede pants, dress, gloves, and shoes.

If your suede clothes and accessories are dirty or stained, bring them to a dry cleaning specialist to get them cleaned.

3. Silk

Silk is made of strong fibers that do not fully absorb the dyes used to color them.

When you wash items made of silk with water and detergent, they tend to lose their color. Moreover, they usually shrink over time.

When you dry clean silk garments and accessories, you protect them from water damage and ensure their colors stay vibrant.

4. Rayon

Rayon is a synthetic textile that can mimic the properties of silk, wool, cotton, wool, and other fabrics. As such, it is popularly used in various types of clothing.

This fabric is usually dyed to give color to the final product. The dye often bleeds when washed in warm water, causing the garment to fade or discolor.

Washing rayon garments in warm water frequently can also cause them to shrink and lose their original shape.
Although hand washing rayon clothing in cold water with a mild detergent is safe, having them dry cleaned is still the best option to prevent their discoloration and shrinkage.

5. Wool

This type of fabric usually shrinks when exposed to warm water, high heat, and forceful mechanical actions. Because of this reason, you would do well to avoid using the washing machine to wash your wool sweater and other garments.

Bringing your wool clothes to a professional dry cleaner ensures you get them back clean and in their original condition. Since the washing process doesn’t involve water and the use of a machine, your garments are unlikely to shrink.

Moreover, this method ensures the buttons, beads, and other decorative elements of your wool sweater won’t loosen and fall off.

6. Sequin and beaded clothes

Sequined and beaded outfits can make you stand out wherever you go, but not for long if you routinely put them in the washing machine.

These types of clothes tend to have fragile stitches that can cause the sequins and beads to fall off after being machine-washed.

If you find the sequins and beads that have fallen off, you can attach them back to their original spots. However, if they are lost or broken, you’ll have difficulties putting them back onto the garment.

If you want to keep wearing your expensive sequin and beaded outfits for a long time, have them dry cleaned instead of adding them to your pile of clothes for the washing machine.

7. Clothing with embroidery and ornaments

Some embroidery threads can bleed, which can discolor the garment when they are wet cleaned. Additionally, metallic filaments can lose their sheen when they are machine washed.

You can avoid damaging your clothes with these embellishments by bringing them to a dry cleaner.

Also, trims, shirring, and other intricate adornments on garments can come undone when machine-washed. The same can happen for shoulder pads, sashes, smocking, and other fittings added to clothing pieces.

If you want to maintain the look of your embroidered and embellished clothes, bring them to a dry cleaner when you need them washed.

8. Expensive clothes

All expensive outfits, including designer suits, jeans, jackets, bridal gowns, and evening dresses, are best dry cleaned since they retain their crispness and shape better.

Your pricey, precious vintage clothes deserve extra care while being washed. A trusted dry cleaner can get them clean without damaging them.

You can preserve the condition and look of all your expensive clothes by speaking with the dry cleaner about the best chemicals or solvents to use on these pieces.

Dry cleaning can be a time-saving option for doing your laundry at home. More importantly, it can help you preserve your delicate and precious clothes and other fabric items, allowing you to get more use out of them.

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