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9 Best Romantic Places for Couples in Dubai

Love is such an amazing feeling beyond expressing with three magical words. A couple knows some fun, thrill, and adventure helps love blossom and Dubai offers all these things with comfort and high-end luxury. So, being a couple, if you are in Dubai- you can enjoy Yacht hire Dubai to shop as well as indulge yourself in amazing activities. It is fascinating to know that there are so many remarkable places for couples in Dubai in order to make their moments extra special. Mala Tourism can help you plan your tour or guide you about the best places in Dubai.

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Best Places for Couples in Dubai

Here we have listed the best and most beautiful romantic places for couples in Dubai. You will be amazed with the options available for couples in Dubai.

1. Impressive Dubai Fountain Show

worlds largest dancing fountain

Dubai fountain show- located just close to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall is considered one of the most iconic attractions for couples in Dubai. Water rising over 150 meters is witnessed from over 30 km away- seems surprising- isn’t it? Colourful dazzling lights with music and latest technology ranging from traditional Arabic to world music. Couples can enjoy a boat ride for a close-up view of the fountain. Have hand in hand and walk along the boardwalk. In order to make this experience more enjoyable, relish your dinner with outdoor seating from one of the nearby restaurants. It is surprising to know that the Dubai fountain has the world’s largest choreographed system- set at 30-acre Burj Lake (a man-made structure).

2. Observation Deck of Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa At the Top Observation Deck

The iconic Burj Khalifa is itself a landmark of Dubai and no trip is completed without visiting this world’s tallest tower. This amazing attraction offers breathtaking views of the entire city. If you want to enjoy Dubai’s beauty from a different perspective, book your ticket at the Burj Khalifa’s observation deck located on the 124th, 125th and 148th floors of the building. An express lift will take you to the upper floors. You’ll get goosebumps but the wow factor intimating on your face is enough to cover all fear. for couples, both sunrise and sunset are ideal choices for mesmerizing views. Feel like you are standing in the middle of the sky- especially if there are low hanging clouds.

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3. A Romantic Dinner on a Rooftop

Dubai is one of the most mesmerizing cities in the world offering numerous sightseeing experiences. A glittering environment, sky-touching buildings, and luxury are in abundance. For a romantic meet conversation, reserve your table at one of the best rooftop restaurants in Dubai. You can also book a yacht to enjoy such moments. Make your Dubai visit more enchanting with yacht rental Dubai. It is one of the best ways to see Dubai from a unique perspective. There are a variety of locations to go to and rides are available for a minimum of two hours. Also, check out our guide The Top 6 Best Outdoor Dining Restaurants in Dubai Right Now

4. Some Shopping Together

Shopping in Dubai

In Dubai, shopping is one of the favourite things to do as well as an integral part of the trip- not only for couples but for everyone. This city is significantly famous for shopaholics as it’s home to the world’s largest shopping mall- Dubai Mall. Satiate your appetite in multiple ways from luxury goods and popular brands.

Furthermore, there is also an option of playing games, watching cinemas, and photography sessions while exploring the shopping malls not to forget the amazing Ice Ski in the Mall of the Emirates. Dubai is always ready to surprise you with its shopping vibes. You’ll find traditional markets in this city.

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5. Stay at Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab Dubai

Burj Al Arab- is one of the tallest as well as the only seven-star hotel in the world. However, if you are a budget traveller, it would be best to visit the hotel without spending a night and making reservations. It is fascinating to know that Burj Arab allows you to have a clear view of The Palm- referred to as a man-made island. If you’re on a luxurious trip to Dubai- spend a night here and get access to an incredible private beach.

6. Hot Air Balloon Ride on a Glorious Desert

Hot Air Balloon Ride Dubai

Witness the view of the sunset- holding hand in hand over the golden desert is such a romantic thing to do in Dubai. It’s the best time to feel love in the air with your partner. Give your relationship a romantic vibe and get a bird’s eye view while enjoying the hot air balloon ride. Enjoy the desert beauty with your loved one offering some romantic moments. You can also add some adventurous activities such as dune bashing, quad biking as well as camel riding. After a hot balloon ride, stay in a traditional camp and relish a mouth-watering BBQ dinner.

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7. Relax at Jumeriah Beach

Dubai Jumeirah Beach

There are multiple ways for couples to make their Dubai visit remarkable. However, enjoying the water is something else. Water and sand have a strong connection with the charm of Dubai- Jumeriah beach depicts something amazing. Indulge yourself in a water thrill and rejuvenate with your partner. Jumeriah beach offers picturesque views of white sand and Burj Al Arab.

Enjoy from kite surfing and volleyball to kayaking. Give your tummy a treat of mouth-watering snacks and walk on the track. However, it’s delightful to stroll on the beach and let the wind hit your face.

8. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

If you’re an aquarium fan, the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo are for you. It allows visitors to explore underwater beauty in various ways. Enjoy a wealth of underwater exploration from diving with sharks to cage snorkelling. Pass through the underwater tunnel and encounter sharks as well as other marine life. Moreover, you can also participate in other water activities in order to make your Dubai vacations remarkable.

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9. Don’t miss a Marina Beach

Dubai Marina

Dubai, being a desert location- you can also experience an incredible beach vibe here. The very beautiful Marina Beach offers various attractive activities that are free along with delicious restaurant options that will satisfy your hunger pangs. An amazing sky rise backdrop overlooking the water is just a bonus point. Shop until you drop here.

Romantic things in Dubai are diverse as you want to surprise your loved one. From its well-preserved culture to ultra-modernity, enjoy a wealth of wonderful things to do. I really hope that this list of places for couples in Dubai will help you in a great deal to make the decision.

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