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Is it Worth Moving to Dubai from India?

Since its independence, Dubai has been a very popular destination for Indians. Especially in the last few decades, approximately more than 3 million Indian professionals moved to Dubai from India because of its high salaries, tax-free environment and luxury lifestyle. According to one report, more than 25% of Dubai’s population consists of Indians.

Now we talk about the big question “is it worth moving to Dubai from India?”

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Why is Dubai Popular among Indians?

Why Dubai is Popular among Indians

First, we talk about why Dubai is a popular foreign destination for Indians and why the numbers are increasing every year.

It is Easy to Travel Back to India

The main reason for Dubai being a preferred destination for Indians is because flying back to India is easy. You can visit your family back on weekends depending on your job description. You can choose flying services like Air India Express as a cheap and reliable option. Most companies in Dubai offer their employees a return ticket to their homeland once a year.

High Salaries

The high salaries in Dubai are also the major reason for moving to Dubai from India. Though living expenses are higher in Dubai compared to India, at the same time salaries are as high as they can even send savings to their homeland as well. For the blue-collar jobs, most of the companies in Dubai offer food and accommodation in their package as well.

Visa Process

Getting a Dubai visa is easy and hassle-free for Indians. Also, most companies support their employees to sponsor their families to Dubai. Though you need to do the process on your own, the whole process is simple and supported by companies and the government.


As half of the Dubai population consists of nationals from subcontinent countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. It feels like a home, you go to the corner grocery store or any public place and start the conversation in Hindi with no problem. Even some ex-pats from western countries can speak a few sentences of Hindi as well.


Dubai is very famous for all kinds of food options from all over the world. You can find many Pakistani and Indian restaurants, big or small in Dubai. You can find even some famous Indian street foods in Dubai as well. So if you are not willing to spend too much on food, you can easily save a lot of money by dining in the traditional Indian dhaba type restaurants in Dubai.


Though Dubai is an Islamic country at the same time is one of the world’s most tolerable as well. All religious communities in Dubai can perform their religious duties with freedom. If your family is there with you, you will not feel away from your country during festivals like Eid, Diwali, Holi and Christmas.

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Is it Worth Moving to Dubai from India?

Indians Living in Dubai

Like other countries, most expats from India choose Dubai as their foreign destination for a few years, earn decent money and take away their savings back to their home country. Please note that Dubai and other Middle-East countries do not offer permanent residence and Nationality to foreigners.

So now we discuss here how moving to Dubai is a good option for Indians.

1. High Salaries and Low Expenses

It may surprise you as Dubai is generally known as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Yes, it is true but at the same time, most of the companies in Dubai offer food and accommodation to their labour employees. So basically there wouldn’t be much to spend after fulfilling these basic expenses. Even for white-collar jobs, you can save plenty of money by sharing your accommodation with your friends. As you already know, salaries of both labourers and management level in Dubai are high compared to India.

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2. World-Class Living Standards

For white-collar jobs, living standards are world-class. In fact, they are better than those from western and developed countries. That is why professionals from all over the world love to avail job opportunities in Dubai. Basic facilities, Hospitals and other facilities generally are excellent.

3. International Exposure

As more than 80% of Dubai consists of expats, you get the chance to meet people from all over the world. It lets you understand their cultures as well as give you their perspective on understanding different issues. Also, Dubai is located almost in the middle of the world, so it is easy to travel to different countries. Using airlines like Air India Express you can travel at a very less expensive rate as compared to India.

4. Better Schooling for Kids

In recent years, Dubai has encouraged the best education institutes to open their campuses in Dubai. These schools and colleges offer both Indian and International curriculums. The education system in Dubai is monitored by the government authority which keeps a strict eye on institutes. Every year they also release their ranking as well to push schools and colleges to offer quality education and excellent facilities.

5. Health and Medical Expenses

It is compulsory for employers in Dubai to offer health insurance to their employees. Most companies offer family health insurance to their employees so they can cover the medical expenses of the whole family. Medical facilities and Hospitals in Dubai are the best in the world.

6. Business Opportunities

As Dubai has become the world’s business hub. There are always job openings available in Dubai. Though many complain about bureaucracy and strict government regulations, at the same time almost every big brand has its offices and branches in Dubai. At the moment many Indians are ranked among the top richest people in Dubai.

7. No Income Tax

Dubai is one of the few countries in the world that does not have an income tax. In recent years, Dubai launched a 5% VAT on sales but that is nothing compared to other developed countries. It is a good relief once you know that the salary offered in your appointed letter is the actual amount 🙂

8. Security

UAE is ranked among one of the safest countries in the world. According to an official survey, it was reported that 96% of the Dubai population feel safe walking outside at night. Girls and Women can freely go out at night without worrying about safety. The crime rate in Dubai is among the lowest in the world.

9. Religious Freedom

Though Dubai is an Islamic country and the government does not allow them to break the sharia laws, they offer religious freedom to everyone.

10. High Job Scope for Professionals

As professionals from all over the world come to Dubai for jobs, you get the chance to work with many nationals. That increases your job scope as well.

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Hope all these convince you that if you get the opportunity to go to Dubai, the decision of moving to Dubai from India shouldn’t be very difficult 🙂

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