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7 Things to Consider When Looking for a Job in UAE

UAE has emerged as the topmost preferred country to work with amongst foreign professionals. 88% of the total population living in the country as migrant workers. UAE provides a lot of facilities that attract these foreign professionals, including good salary packages, a safe living environment, and tax-free incomes. This is why many individuals consider getting a job in UAE in order to earn more and live a better life.

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Things to Consider When Looking for a Job in UAE

How to find Job in UAE

There might be many similarities and aspects that you must consider while looking for a job in UAE. However, every country has some different work cultures and laws. One should consider these factors when they are planning to move to another country. Here, we have outlined the aspects that you must consider when you’re looking for a job in UAE.

1. Get the appropriate work visa and documents

If you’re planning to move to UAE, you must consider applying for a work visa. You will require a work visa to work legally in UAE or another country. Without a proper visa and documents, it is likely that you may face legal issues or may not be allowed to live anymore in the country. In addition to the work visa, you will also be required to submit your medicals, passport copies, visa, and photographs to the authorities to get the labour and health cards.

It will be ideal if you start looking for a job before moving to the country as a visitor. However, you can also move to the country as a tourist or visitor and start looking for employment opportunities. Living like a tourist or visitor will even help you get an understanding of the environment and work culture. It will help you in deciding whether you can adjust to their work culture well or not.

2. Keep an eye on the job market

There is no doubt that UAE’s job market is rapidly growing. But, there is no guarantee that it is growing at an equal pace for all the industries and will have equal opportunities for all. Jobseekers from marketing, sales, business development, and engineering background are likely to find better opportunities in UAE.

There may be certain areas or skills which may not be highly demanding in UAE. Therefore, it is necessary for a candidate to be aware of the job market in UAE. VAT was introduced recently in the UAE market. Individuals or tax specialists who may have the skills to deal with it are currently in demand.

Besides that, people from STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and marketing) are primarily always in demand in the country. If you want to acquire more skills before moving to UAE, you must consider learning about them. It will prepare you for better opportunities and help you find the most suitable job.

3. Learn their official language

Arabic is considered the official language in UAE. However, English is the most spoken language followed by Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Persian, Chinese, and a few more. It may not be necessary to have a grasp of the language for some of the roles and positions.

However, knowing the local and official language of any country is always a benefit for the jobseeker. Having command over Arabic will even help you find better opportunities in UAE. You must be fluent in Arabic, as well as, English before you move to the country.

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4. Focus on enhancing your CV

Your CV is the most crucial tool, and you must focus on building a CV that helps in creating a long-lasting impression. It is imperative to understand that the recruiters receive tons of applications for a profile. The human resource professional will only have 10-15 seconds to glance through your CV.

If you haven’t included relevant details on your CV, there are chances that your profile will not be considered. This is why it is recommended that candidates should invest time and work on building their CVs. Make your CVs and cover letters more interesting to increase the noticeability.

It is not always required to write long paragraphs and use the same statements. You should keep it to the point and make it short. Include only necessary details and skills that may be required for the job profile. If possible, you should consider making a video CV to increase your chances of being considered for the position.

5. Network with the right people

Before you start applying, you must know that references play a crucial role and can help you get the ideal position in UAE. There are many companies that hire internally and consider the references. Therefore, it becomes a must for job seekers to invest time and start networking with human resource professionals. It will increase your chances of landing the job significantly.

You shouldn’t worry about networking if you don’t live in UAE. There are various other ways you can connect with the professionals and industry experts in UAE. There are many online communities, and numerous online job fairs take place every year. You can even consider connecting with the human resource professional via social media networks. You can even consider reaching out to recruitment agencies.

6. Cost of living and work culture

UAE has been ranked as the 38th most expensive country to live in the world. The cost of living may significantly be higher. But, the country has access to all the facilities and amenities. You will not experience any challenges while surviving.

Most of the people living in the country are ex-pats. Therefore, you can expect a mix of cultures and get access to global cuisines. UAE is quite modern and progressive in terms of culture. You will experience a comfortable and wealthy lifestyle if you plan on moving to UAE.

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7. Be patient while looking for a job

The process of finding the right job can be daunting, and we recommend the candidates remain patient. Hiring is usually seasonal and is often conducted from January to March. You must connect with the human resource professionals to keep a check on this.

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You must even be specific about the job applications you’re applying to. Avoid applying to random jobs; it will only waste your and the human resource professional’s time. Be specific and keep the above things in mind when looking for an opportunity in UAE.

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