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8 Reasons Why Home Cook in Dubai Should Join a Cooking Class

The article will discuss why cooking classes are important for a home cook in Dubai.

Many people see cooking as a necessity. To get the energy they need to go about their usual activities, they have to prepare something they like to eat that is also filling and nutritious. Some people, on the other hand, find pleasure in cooking. Nothing gives them more joy than seeing their loved ones ask for seconds, finish their plates, and say they had an excellent meal.

Many people who also enjoy cooking are also foodies at heart. They love eating the dishes they prepared and often feel proud of what they prepared.

Regardless of which category you belong to, being a better cook is a goal worth achieving. When you can improve your current dishes, learn to prepare new ones, and expand your menu, your meals will be healthier and you will find more pleasure in eating them.

More importantly, your loved ones and anyone who samples your cooking will also be more impressed with your skills. You will feel a greater sense of accomplishment as you see them relishing your dishes.

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Importance of Cooking Classes for Cook in Dubai

Cooking Classes in Dubai

Enrolling at the International Centre for Culinary Arts Dubai can help you become a better home cook in Dubai. When you take up one of the most sought-after ICCA cooking classes, you will experience these benefits:

1. You will Learn the Importance of Prepping Ingredients

Professional chefs know the importance of preparing as many ingredients as possible before they start cooking. This concept, which is known as mise en place in commercial kitchens, is one of the cornerstones of successful restaurant services.

When you join a cooking class, you will understand the importance of completing your mise en place before proceeding to the next steps.

This is because when you peel, wash, cut, and measure as many ingredients as possible, your actual cooking time will be shorter. Moreover, you will be able to focus on following the recipe and getting the right flavour if you don’t need to chop the vegetables or proteins that you will use.

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2. You will Know How to Take Care of Vital Kitchen Tools and Equipment

Preparing and creating your culinary masterpieces is easier to do when all your kitchen tools and equipment are in excellent condition. Your cooking class instructor will help you understand the importance of this and teach you how to keep them in good shape.

3. You Will Learn About Proper Knife Care and Maintenance, Which Includes Sharpening Them

Additionally, you will grasp the importance of inspecting all kitchen equipment, cookware, and utensils properly before using them. You will also learn how to clean all of them correctly after each use.

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4. You will Correct Your Usual Cooking Mistakes

All cooks, including professional ones, tend to make mistakes when cooking. These usual faults include adding too much salt or under-seasoning dishes. Overcooking and undercooking proteins and vegetables are frequent occurrences, too.

Since cooking classes are taught by professionals, you will learn the right techniques and some tricks to help you avoid making these mistakes.

Moreover, these classes allow you to actually cook. As a result, you will learn from your mistakes and practice recovery, which will make you a better home cook.

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5. You will Develop the Habit of Tasting Your Food

Since under- and over-seasoning dishes are two of the common mistakes cooks tend to make, you have to know how you can avoid doing this. Constantly tasting your food as you cook is a habit that helps you with this.

Cooking class trainers will remind you to taste your food every time you add seasonings or even a new ingredient to ensure your dish is seasoned appropriately. By doing so, there will be a lower likelihood of serving something bland or salty.

You will also get tips and tricks for rectifying your mistakes so that you don’t have to throw away dishes that are too salty.

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6. You will Learn Different Cooking Techniques and Hacks

As a culinary student, one crucial element of a cooking class program that you are sure to find valuable is becoming familiar with complicated cooking techniques.

Many cookbooks contain food preparation techniques that home cooks may not be familiar with. Your instructor explains all these to you so that you won’t be afraid to try them at home.

Ever heard of sous vide or engastration and tempering? You will understand what these cooking techniques entail and how to do them correctly.

Additionally, you will take away essential hacks that may sound simple yet highly useful for coming up with better dishes. These include letting grilled and roasted meat rest for a few minutes before slicing and serving them and avoiding prodding, turning, and flipping steaks.

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7. You can Boost Your Creativity

If you have a passion for cooking and often use it to unleash your creativity, culinary classes can be your perfect outlets.

A culinary program can give you recipes that allow you to show your creativity. Moreover, you will learn the right techniques and how to use them to create these unique dishes.

At home, you can follow these recipes or tweak them to add your own touches and demonstrate your creativity even more.

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8. You will be Able to Try New Foods

One of the best things about joining cooking classes is that you can taste and eat the dishes you are creating.

Under a culinary course, you will be introduced to ingredients you have never used before. Even if you are familiar with them, you will also be taught new ways to cook and incorporate them into dishes.

A cooking class also teaches students different types of cuisine. Aside from knowing what these are, you will have the chance to sample an array of edible cultural choices and expand your palate at the end of each lesson.
You will boost your self-confidence.

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Lastly, by learning how to use more tools, equipment, ingredients, and cooking techniques, and trying out more recipes, you will feel more confident about whipping up dishes in the kitchen.

This confidence may be what you need to earn some extra income from what you love and do every day, which is cooking.

With more and more people relying on food delivery services, improving your cooking skills through a formal program is an excellent step to take to create another source of income. With an exciting menu and great-tasting food to offer, you can develop a following and augment your earnings.

You can even turn this passive source of income into your primary one in the future if you decide to run your own food business.

There are plenty of benefits you can experience when you join a cooking class. If you want to impress your loved ones and other people with your food, sign up for a culinary program now and become the best home cook in Dubai.

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Shanaaz Raja is the Course Director at International Centre for Culinary Arts – ICCA Dubai.

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