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How to Apply For Dubai Visit Visa for a Family Member [Complete Guide]

Are you family members planning a trip to Dubai? Depending on their country of citizenship, it may be extremely easy to acquire a Dubai visit visa for them as soon as they land. Other times, applying for a visa is a longer and more complicated process.

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Does Your Family Member Need A Visa To Enter Dubai?

According to Visit Dubai, more than 50 countries are entitled to a visa on arrival. If your family member is a citizen of one of these countries, there is no need for you to pre-arrange a visa for them to visit you in Dubai. To determine whether your family member needs to apply for a visa beforehand, you must know the citizenship they hold.

“A lot of people make the mistake of assuming they are entitled to a visa upon arrival in the UAE,” according to Noel Rodriguez, a journalist at Brit Student and Write my X. “To ensure your travel plans to Dubai go as smoothly as possible, make sure to check ahead of time.”

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How To Apply For A Dubai Visit Visa

If the applying family member is not a citizen from one of the eligible countries, you need to apply for a visa before they arrive in Dubai. To arrange a visa before their trip, you must first determine the length of their visit.

“Be careful not to apply for a visa too early,” advises Lisa Hagan, a travel writer at Origin Writings and 1 Day 2 write. “If you apply too early before you arrive, you might need to apply for another one.”

You can apply for your family member’s visa up to 60 days before their expected arrival. After that, they must be issued another visa by the UAE.

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Validity Period Of Visa

There are several visit visas available to your family member. A tourist visa is valid for 30 days with single or multiple entry. A long term tourist visa is valid for 90 days with single entry. A long term visit is valid for 90 days with multiple entry.

Who Can Apply For Their Visa?

As a relative residing in the UAE, you are eligible to apply for your family member’s visit visa. Otherwise, airlines and hotels with more than three stars can apply for a visit visa on their behalf. Similarly, a travel agent can arrange for your family member’s visit visa.

Required Documents

Since you are sponsoring your family member to visit you in Dubai, you need several documents to get an approved visit visa for them.

The documenrequired applicant documents include a colour photograph of their passport, a copy of their flight ticket, and of course, a completed visa application form.

The sponsorship document required depends on your occupation in the UAE. If you work for the government, you need your salary certificate in Arabic as well as a copy of your passport and residency. In case, you work for private company, you are required to attach a copy of your labour contract, a copy of your passport, and residency.

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Salary Requirement

As a sponsor, there is a minimum salary requirement for you to apply for a family member’s visit visa to Dubai. The minimum salary required depends on your relation to them. If you are applying for your wife, children, parents, or parents-in-law, you must have a salary of at least AED 4000 as a sponsor. In case of applying for your siblings, the minimum salary is AED 5500. Sponsoring for friends or other relatives to visit, you must have a minimum salary of AED 10000.

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Fees For Dubai Visit Visa

Depending on your family member’s country origin, they may be required to pay a refundable security deposit upon entry in Dubai. When they leave Dubai, the security deposit will be refunded to them.

The application fee for the visa depends entirely on the length of type and length of stay. For a tourist visa, it costs AED 350 to apply for single entry and AED 650 for multiple entry. For a long term tourist visa, it costs AED 1000 to apply. For a long term visit visa, it costs AED 25000 to apply.

Final Notes

If your family member is planning on visiting you in Dubai, it’s best to hope that their citizenship belongs to one of the eligible countries for a visa on arrival. Otherwise, the process becomes much more complex.

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