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Top 6 Tourist Places in Dubai to Visit in 2021

Going to Dubai is the dream of many. Dubai is among the top thrilling cities on earth, featuring modern design, exotic nightlife and stunning cityscapes. There are numerous tourist places in Dubai to explore. It’s just a matter of exploring the locations and the list of places will never stop. There are water parks that have stunning views as well as others that let you enjoy breathtaking views. Make sure that your Dubai Tour Packages contain all the locations listed below.

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Top Tourist Places in Dubai

Following are the top six tourist places in Dubai to visit in 2021. Despite the pandemic restrictions, these places are now open for the public and you can have a lot of fun with your friends and family.

Burj Khalifa

The well-known Burj Khalifa is always at the top of your list when you are planning to go to Dubai. The bird’s-eye view that you can enjoy from the 124th level of the tower is an unforgettable experience for any tourist. It’s a stunning panorama that shows the dunes on one hand and the blue turquoise waters that are the oceans on the opposite side. So, if you are in Dubai, be sure to go to this location.

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Mall of the Emirates

The second spot on the list of the top tourist attractions within Dubai is Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates. The mall is a major tourist destination due to the fact that it is stocked with everything, all under one place. It could be famous food from all over the world or exclusive brands that are only available at the top locations.

It also has all kinds of incredible ski set-ups as well as penguin enclosures which are kept at temperatures of -4 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you must prioritize it on your list of top tourist destinations in Dubai.

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Dubai Underwater Zoo

One of the most popular tourist places in Dubai is the Dubai underwater zoo. So be sure to check this one. It is a massive aquarium house with about 140 species of sea life. It’s a massive suspended tank that is located on the floor of Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall. Once you are inside the aquarium it has a walk-through tunnel with sea life displayed along its edges. Additionally, there are various activities at the zoo, which help you gain a better understanding of the sea creatures, including the glass bottom boat tour. In addition, you can also take part in shark diving and cage snorkelling activities.

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Sheikh Saeed Al

The Sheikh Saeed AL Maktoum house is an impressive structure that houses many historical pieces. This is the place where grandsons and sons who are now considered iconic tourist attractions were born. The house is located along the Creek close to Al Shindagha. It was constructed in 1896 and is visited throughout the year. It is situated on the border between Bur Dubai and Deira, with a view of it into the Arabian Gulf. It is an amazing place to visit in Dubai.

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Burj Al Arab

The wonder is the world’s highest hotel that stands at 321 m. It also has its own artificial island on its Dubai Coastline. People travel from different regions of the globe to see the spectacular show sail. This is when a choreographed coloured lighting fixture illuminates the outside of the structure.

Additionally, it’s among the top hotels that cost $15000 per night for its most extravagant suite. For a luxurious experience, You can book an evening with the marine Al-Mahara restaurant. The dining room is lined with glass panels running from the floor to the ceiling, and lets you enjoy the marine life while eating.

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Emirates Towers

It’s a unique tower in the age of architectural designs for business. Emirates towers are home to office towers as well as the exclusive Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel. Additionally, the tower houses a number of thirteen nightclubs as well as restaurants. The thing that draws the most attention is its atrium lobby. It is among the most popular places to conduct commercial activity in Dubai.

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