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6 Must-Have iPhone Accessories for Travellers

In this article, we will discuss how an iPhone can make your travel experience way better than usual. And what iPhone accessories you must-have for travelling.

Travelling without a smartphone is unheard of these days. Whether you are going on a domestic or overseas trip, for work, business, or leisure, you won’t be able to leave your home without this device. The iPhone, without a doubt, is the best smartphone to bring on your travels. It is faster, easy to use, and has better hardware and software integration. Its App Store and Apple Play are excellent features that make this device stand out and really handy for your trips.

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During your travels, your smartphone is your main tool for communication. You can use it for texting, sending direct messages and emails, and making regular and video calls.

With this device, you can also take photos or videos of amazing sceneries you see. When you get bored during a long flight or train ride, you can use your mobile phone to listen to music, watch videos, or play bingo games for free.
If you installed the right apps, you would have everything you need to be productive wherever you are. You can create documents, view project updates, and even make presentations.

You can also use your phone to navigate and explore your destination.

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Due to these reasons, if you currently don’t have an iPhone and travelling frequently is on the horizon, you should consider getting this Apple gadget. If you don’t have the budget for purchasing a brand new one, you can buy a refurbished iPhone.

A renewed iPhone works and looks the same as a brand new one. However, it comes at a lower price.

Aside from saving money on a good-quality iPhone, your device comes with a warranty. You can have it replaced if the one you have does not live up to your expectations, provided you meet the terms and conditions.

Moreover, by buying a refurbished device, you can help reduce environmental waste.

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Must-Have iPhone Accessories for Your Travels

Although your iPhone is already a complete device in itself, there are some iPhone accessories that can elevate it even more and turn it into the perfect travel companion. Here are six of them:

1. An iPhone case

Among the must-have iPhone accessories, iPhone case comes the first. If you don’t have a case yet, make sure this is the first accessory you get. You need one to protect your phone from scratches, cracks, and dents if and when you accidentally drop it.

There are specially designed cases that are best for travel use. They come with extra features that make them really handy for your journeys.

Examples of these iPhone cases that are perfect for travel are:

  • Case with card slot holder (where you can put your ID, debit or credit card)
  • Smart battery case
  • iPhone and passport holder with RFID blocking feature

2. Waterproof iPhone Case

Water is another element that can damage your iPhone easily. If your itinerary will take you to several beaches, waterfalls, and swimming pools and you plan on doing plenty of water activities or sports, get a waterproof phone case.

When buying this particular accessory, make sure you choose a good quality one. It should provide your phone with complete protection from water even if you submerge it fully.

Additionally, if you put on the case, make sure you follow the instructions so that it will provide your iPhone optimum protection.

3. Wireless headset

Listening to your favourite tunes is something that you will often do when you travel. Noise-cancelling headphones are the best accessories to get to ensure you can listen to your music without disturbing others.

They are also perfect for cancelling out the noises you will hear while on the plane, bus, or train.
If you find wearing headphones cumbersome, opt for wireless earphones. They also provide excellent audio quality, allowing you to listen to your favourite tunes wherever you are.

Whether you are getting wireless headphones or earphones, keep in mind that their Bluetooth feature allows you to use them for hands-free conversations. Their dual purpose makes them worthy of your investment.

4. Portable battery charger

Even though your iPhone’s battery may be at 100 per cent maximum capacity and you don’t need to charge it several times a day, there may be instances wherein you may not have access to an outlet when your phone runs out of juice. This may happen while you’re relaxing at the beach or hiking through a forest.

A portable battery charger is the best accessory to get to avoid running into this problem.

If you have a big budget for this accessory or want to get a good one that you can use for years, buy a lightweight, high-capacity battery charger. The best portable chargers can charge your iPhone and other devices several times.

Consider getting a charger with two USB ports so that you can charge two devices at the same time or help your travel buddy if their gadget is also running low on juice.

5. Rugged Cable

Apple’s cables are designed to give you years of service. However, unravelling, straightening it out, and using your cable frequently and haphazardly can cause it to get frayed easily.

This is something that may happen if you are always rushing during your travels.

Before your journey, consider getting another cable that is more durable. The best-rugged cables are covered with nylon, TPE, or silicone rubber. These tough materials ensure that this accessory does not get frayed, tangled, or damaged easily.

6. Selfie Stick

Finally, a selfie stick is every traveller’s constant companion. This accessory helps you get amazing photos of yourself and your companions and of a beautiful background without asking anyone to take it for you.

The best selfie sticks pair easily with your iPhone via Bluetooth. Once connected, you can snap a shot or zoom in or out using the buttons on the stick’s base.

Although selfie sticks are now a dime a dozen, you will do well to buy the best one that you can get for your money. Make sure the accessory you purchase has positive reviews. Additionally, check that it can sync with your device and that it has a strong clamp that can hold your iPhone securely.

If you want to use the selfie stick for other devices, such as a camera, check if it will be compatible with it, too.

Whether you’re shopping for your iPhone accessories, don’t forget to check these items on the Internet first. Visit online shops to compare prices. And when you are ready to buy, make sure you are purchasing from a reputable e-commerce site. Ensure that the products you get are covered by warranties as well.

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