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7 Tips to Prepare Your Car for the Summer in Dubai

Summers are going to hit the block in no time and while you are preparing yourself. You should also spend some time prepping up your car for the summers. While it is just a season transition for most of the people who are not that careful about the life of their cars. It is important to ensure that some basic things are right in place before the summers strike in.

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How to Prepare Your Car for the Dubai Summer

Here are some tips to help in preparing your car for the long summer in Dubai.

1. Coolant System

Engine Coolant System

The main job of your car’s coolant system is to circulate a combination of water and coolant to maintain the temperature of the radiator and the engine. In case there are any defects with your coolant system, it could lead to overheating issues in the engine.

The primary cure to such an issue is to immediately turn off the engine and get a mechanic to fix the issue for you. Generally, it is advised that you avoid long drives in the summers as it would surely lead to an overheating issue.

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2. Air Conditioning Systems

Car AC System

Don’t let the heat hit your head when you drive. It is very important in Dubai to ensure that your car has a well-functioning air conditioning system. You can not function at all without a properly working air conditioner in your car. Right from getting the gas checked in the AC vent to get the cleaning of the blower and serviced. Get everything done well in advance so you don’t have to deal with the scorching heat of the middle east.

Also, you should wait for at least a couple of minutes to switch on the AC after starting the car.

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3. Tyres

Car Tyres Dubai

The pressure of the tyres would fluctuate with the increase in the temperature. And this is something that can happen overnight as well, thereby giving you no time to take any precautionary measures. When the tyres don’t perform optimally, they have a negative impact on engine performance and fuel consumption. So make sure you get wheel balancing and alignment done beforehand. Also, make sure you have an extra tyre in the car. And that is also in ready to go condition.

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4. Get a New Battery

Car Batteries in Dubai

In the heat of Dubai in summer, battery fluids evaporate much faster. It is highly recommended that you should replace the car battery if you are using it for more than 2 years. Even if the batteries are new, you should check its fluid and terminals. If you find any corrosion on the terminals, it might be an indicator that you need to replace the battery or at least fix the terminals.

It is also highly advisable that you should take your car to a professional mechanic before the summer if your car has an acid-battery. Though you can extend the battery life to 3-5 year by examining on a regular basis. But you should replace it after 2 years because of the extreme weather conditions in Dubai.

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5. Upholstery

Car Upholstery

Although most of the people don’t pay attention to the upholstery of a car the way they focus on other aspects. It is important to get it changed before the summers. So in case, you have plush leather or rexine material that get heated too easily. It is important to get them replaced. A good alternative to this is to buy temporary seat covers and get them installed before the summers. You can switch back to the original upholstery once the weather starts to cool down.

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6. Tinted Windows

Car Tinted Windows Dubai

You can also prevent the interiors of the car from getting heated by getting your windows tinted. You can either use dark films, curtails or good quality tints to block the sunlight from entering the car and heating it up. In a region like the Middle East where the sun is scorching, most of the people who buy used car Abu Dhabi online, look for this feature.

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Keeping the Car Cool in Summer

Here we are with some tips that will help to keep your car cool during the summer in Dubai.

  • Keep Constant Eye on the Engine Temperature.
  • Always use Engine Coolant. Never use Water.
  • Make Sure Engine Oil and Coolant are at Optimum Level.
  • Get the Radiator Checked for Possible leaks. The radiator keeps the Engine Cool.
  • Check Your Tyre Pressure Every Week.
  • Check Your Tyre for Wear and Replace it if the Tread is Below 1.6mm.
  • Do not Show Laziness in Follow a Regular Maintenence Plan to Avoid Breakdowns.
  • Always Have Your Battery Checked by a Mechanic During Every Periodic Service.
  • Replace Your Battery If It has Lasted the Warranty to Ensure that You are not Stranded.

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So if you are looking to sell a car in Dubai before the summers. Get some of the above-mentioned things done in the car. So you get a better deal from the buyers who would be considering purchasing a car from you.

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