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Islam is a Religion of Peace and Tolerance

Islam is the world’s second-most practiced religion after Christianity. It has strong beliefs about peace and extends to many of its followers worldwide. It is a peaceful religion that seeks to bring together Muslims of different traditions into one community with one spirit.

The Prophet Muhammad exemplified this by espousing dialogue and acceptance with those who differed from him or his followers to spread the word of God’s teachings among all people regardless of religious differences or physical power.

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Islam And Peace

With the help of the Quran and Islam, followers can teach to believe in peace and promote peace with other religions and groups of people. Quran, Surah Al-Fatihah 1:1 “In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.” It also stresses peace with Muslims living in democratic states, where Muslims have majority control over their governments.

Islam encourages all Muslims to seek forgiveness for their sins before God if they commit any over which they are remorseful. It teaches that God will forgive all sins as long as the person seeking forgiveness keeps him or herself away from evil acts.

Muslims, Bearers Of Peace

Muslims are generally peaceful people and are known for being accepting of others no matter what race, color, or creed they come from. Muslims have been portrayed in the media as violent people who do not abide by their values.

However, statistics show that most terrorists who commit terrorist acts in the name of Islam are non-Muslims against the principles of peace taught by the Prophet Muhammad. Numerous polls among those who call themselves Muslim have shown that they reject violence and the killing of innocents in any form.

The Prophet Muhammad taught his followers to be kind, compassionate, and merciful. He taught that it was not permissible in Islam to harm or conquer other people’s lands. However, he did encourage Muslims to endear themselves to other people and treat them as they would like to be treated themselves.

Muslims Bearer of Peace

Peace Of Conscience

In Islam, peace of conscience is paramount. The prophet Muhammad taught that one who has a peaceful conscience could enter Paradise without having to undergo any form of punishment or difficulty.

Islam teaches its followers to avoid all forms of strife if possible and embrace peace in their hearts, minds, and spirits. It also teaches that Muslims are encouraged to extend peace toward others regardless of who they are and where they come from.

The Prophet Muhammad taught his followers that the best way to obtain divine blessings was through prayer, good work on Earth, giving alms to help others, seeking forgiveness for sin, and asking God for his guidance and direction.

Social Peace

The Prophet Muhammad taught that two people who were engaged in conflict should set out to visit and reconcile with one another. Each of them should seek forgiveness for the wrongs they had done to the other and make peace between themselves without going to a third party for arbitration.

Islam teaches its followers to treat others with kindness, compassion, and love, even in dispute. Also, its followers do not hurt those who are weaker than themselves or not in a position of authority over them. If a dispute arises between Muslims and others, Islam requires that Muslims first attempt to resolve it among themselves before calling on others for help.

The faith of Islam encourages its followers to live in harmony with one another. This is so they will have a peaceful community where everyone lives peacefully together as brothers and sisters in the eyes of God.

World Peace

In Islam, people are to live in peace and harmony with one another. This is why the prophet Muhammad taught his followers that they should accept the different views of others even if they disagreed with them.

The Prophet Muhammad taught his followers that it was not permissible to harm any person, regardless of their race or religion. He also taught them that it was undesirable for them to hurt the weaker people in society or those who were unable to fight back against them. Prophet Muhammad also encouraged his followers to treat all humans with respect and kindness, even from different tribes or nations.

World Peace

Coexistence And Respect For Others

Islam places great importance on peace with other people, and for that reason, Muslims are encouraged to treat them with respect and tolerance. The Prophet Muhammad said it is better for a person to be killed in a just war than to live in an unjust society.

The Prophet Muhammad taught that if it were necessary to defend oneself or one’s property from an aggressor, one should fight rather than give in to the demands of the aggressor. However, if they could resolve their differences peacefully, they should do so before resorting to force.

Peace As Unconditional Recognition Of The Other

The religion Islam teaches that everyone has the right to seek peace with others. The Prophet Muhammad, on numerous occasions, instructed Muslims not to make war against people who do not fight them and live peacefully among Muslims. Islam teaches its followers that Muslims have to seek peace even with those who are at war with them or against them.

In Islam Muslims are taught to respect others’ freedom and their right to this freedom. The prophet Muhammad, on numerous occasions, instructed his followers not to take part in wars that were not sanctioned by the Islamic authorities and to avoid killing innocent people in self-defense if at all possible.

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The Bottom Line

Religion Islam was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad for all humanity and therefore is available for everyone to read, study and learn about. Because Islam is a religion of peace, Muslims have no desire to force their religion on anyone.

It is the responsibility of Muslims to call the people to the truth of Islam. In doing so, they fulfill their duty as Muslims to save other people from atheism and tyranny while showing them how beautiful Islam is.

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