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6 Invisalign Benefits over Traditional Braces

Orthodontics has been used to straighten teeth for thousands of years, and not just for cosmetic purposes. The American Dental Association states that correcting crooked teeth can improve your dental health in general. While conventional braces are still widely used for teeth straightening, orthodontics has developed more effective ways to straighten teeth thanks to modern technology, like Invisalign.

Invisalign, sometimes known as “invisible aligners,” is a cutting-edge method of treating dental issues. Clear guides are used to position teeth in the right positions. The transparent guides are designed to fit on your teeth, almost eliminating visibility.

In contrast, traditional braces use rubber bands or wires and metal or plastic brackets to help straighten and realign teeth. During appointments, the dentist adjusts your brackets to move your teeth into a different position. However, wearing braces forces one to adapt their everyday routine.

Small pieces of metal are affixed to each tooth and connected by a metal wire in traditional braces. By replacing old brackets, utilizing different-sized wires, and using rubber bands, these metal objects move teeth into position.

Additionally, cleaning traditional braces is significantly more challenging. Brushing around the brackets is also challenging because they need special flossing implements to reach in between the teeth. To avoid a bracket coming loose, you are also prohibited from eating specific foods like popcorn or caramel-flavored candies.

There are several ways to straighten your teeth, but Invisalign is the only one that is clear and devoid of wires and brackets. You may work, dine, and engage in social activities without worrying with Invisalign, and it also gives you a beautiful smile.

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Invisalign Benefits Over Traditional Braces

If you’re looking for teeth straightening in UAE, we shall look at 6 of the many advantages that Invisalign has over traditional braces.

1. Self-Confidence Booster

Cosmetic considerations are the most frequent reason people straighten their teeth. Your teeth are one of the first things you notice when you wake up, and others see your smile immediately. You won’t feel secure in yourself if you don’t like your teeth and grin.

There is strong evidence that orthodontic treatment can boost self-esteem, especially in teenagers. The fact that invisible aligners are constructed of clear resin and are specifically designed to fit your teeth gives them another benefit.

2. Highly Comfortable

Patients who have undergone orthodontic treatment with both options are astounded by how much more pleasant Invisalign is than conventional metal braces. In contrast to unsightly metal braces, the aligners are constructed of smooth plastic that fits snugly against the teeth.

Invisalign and other removable aligners are made to precisely fit your teeth. Because they are made of high-quality resin and have smooth edges, no jagged metal will get caught in your teeth. Due to their customized fit, invisible aligners provide more precise control over the alignment of your teeth.

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3. Better Dental Hygiene

The ability to better care for your teeth is one of the major advantages of removable aligners over conventional braces. After all, a healthy mouth is one that is kept clean, and by the time your treatment is over, you want the healthiest teeth you can have.

With Invisalign, you can take out the aligners and carry on with your regular tooth care regimen. Without the need of special tools, brushing and flossing can all be done as usual. To ensure that no food or bacteria accumulate inside your aligner, you can also brush and clean the interior.

4. Virtually Invisible

Some people believe braces don’t look attractive. When you smile while wearing Invisalign, no one will be able to see the wires or brackets. The clear trays are the reason for this. Teenagers and adults alike can grin with confidence while straightening their teeth, making it a fantastic alternative.

The Invisalign tray is undetectable! Since they are fully transparent, your face and smile are unaffected. This is a fantastic alternative for anyone who wants to live their life without the brackets and wires that come with conventional braces, including adults, teenagers, and young adults.

5. Very Safe

Traditional metal braces have protruding wire and metal pieces that can pierce and scratch the gums and interior of the mouth. Braces that are clear are supple and comfy. They don’t have any protruding or sharp edges or pieces.

There is a lot of work involved in straightening the teeth. The demineralization and deterioration of teeth may be affected by conventional metal braces. These problems, however, do not exist with clear aligners which, in general, reduce the negative effects of wearing braces, such as cavities and gum disease.

6. More Effective

It normally takes between 16 and 18 months to finish traditional braces. For some people, it can take up to two years or longer. It’s been a while since you had teeth that were straight. Traditional braces take longer to complete because they do not move as accurately as removable aligners.

The advantage of using invisible aligners is that they last for about a year. Due of their invisibility, the majority of people won’t even notice that you are wearing them. If no one notices you’re wearing anything at all, a year of therapy can pass very fast.

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Author: Dr. Hamzah from Invisalign UAE has contributed in this story as an expert on Invisalign.

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