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All You Need to Know about Smart Salem Medical Fitness Center

Dubai is home to some of the world’s most revolutionary businesses and services. The UAE is a global hub of successful businesses. It’s also a melting pot of different cultures, bringing innovation and genius ideas to the global community. One such area of innovation is that of healthcare, with annual spending continuing to increase year on year. The Smart Salem Medical Fitness Center is one that has demonstrated just how advanced healthcare can be with the assistance of robotics, AI, and great all-around care. Here’s everything you need to know about this leading Vip medical fitness center.

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VIP Services

VIP Services at Smart Salem Center

As citizens, many of us spend a lot of our time waiting in line. There are many reasons why it’s frustrating to wait in line, especially if we’re waiting for healthcare, and this is why one of the major benefits of quality VIP healthcare is the speed and efficiency of these services. The Smart Salem center offers a quick and simple process of checking into the medical center all the way to being seen by a medical professional. They boast a strictly VIP service to everyone entering their establishment, removing any tiered VIP packages that other health centers may offer, providing certain people with an advantage. Of course, a lot of this is only made possible by their efficient and innovative host of fully automated AI robots that roam the building.

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Medical Screening

When people move to the UAE, they are required by law to complete a medical and fitness screening in the process to attain their residency visas. This screening aims to minimize the number of individuals settling down in the UAE without it being clear as to any contagious illnesses they might possess. The intention here is to safeguard current residents from illnesses such as hepatitis B and C, HIV, and syphilis and ensure that individuals are healthy enough to work and contribute to the country. Medical screening can often take days to weeks for results to come through, but you can get these results via the medical screening provided by Smart Salem in a mere 30 minutes due to their speedy and efficient service.

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AI Autonomy

As mentioned above, one of the major features of the Smart Salem Medical Fitness Center is its utilization of AI robots. These robots are what makes the service so efficient, removing the possibility of delays and errors that human staff can cause, and completing tasks with extreme accuracy, as only AI is capable of. As well as this, the use of AI and robots in a medical center limits the exposure of patients to members of staff, reducing the risk of viruses and other illnesses from spreading and increasing the safety of everyone at the center. As well as handling the screening process, the robots of the Smart Salem medical center also provide patients with water and complete administrative tasks to ensure that individuals are signed incorrectly and that their details are correct before proceeding. They even have UV robots that use UV light to disinfect areas around the hospital, easily killing viruses and bacteria.

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