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8 Mistakes To Avoid While Washing Your Car in Dubai

Washing your car now and then might seem like an easy task to complete. But you would be surprised by the hundreds of mistakes you might be making without knowing so. Most people believe all they need is some soap, a clean sponge, and some water to get done with treating their car with a happy and clean look. For example, many people ruin the vehicle’s paint by corroding or damaging it without knowing, then wonder why it looks dull even though they spent hours cleaning it. Especially, when you are washing your car in Dubai. That’s when you know you need to learn how to act like a pro with every detail.

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Washing Your Car in Dubai Mistakes to Avoid

If you aim to keep your car protected and looking great in the long term, your first step would be to learn how to avoid the many common mistakes almost everyone makes while washing your car in Dubai. As long as you know the basics, you will be able to see the difference from the very first time you do it correctly.

1. Soft Enough

It might sound like a great idea to use a hard sponge to clean that dust off of your car, but is it soft enough not to hurt the paint? When using a hard sponge on smooth surfaces, you make scratches all around your vehicle. Without knowing, you’re turning it into a scratch-full car, which isn’t what you want. Using a soft cloth piece or sponge is as gentle as possible with those surfaces to keep them looking remarkable. It’s highly recommended to use one that’s made from lamb’s wool or microfibre. Even if it means repeating the progress twice or three times to get your car clean enough, it’s still better than ruining it. Don’t you think?

2. What Car Do You Have?

Another detail to pay attention to while cleaning your car is the model you have. As each car in this world is made differently with its own details and materials, you need to ensure you’re using the right products. Whether you have a Nissan patrol rental Dubai, a BMW, or a Rolls Royce model, each one of these models has its own needs and must be cleaned differently. Ensure you know your car well enough to present it with the best cleaning methods.

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3. More Than A Bucket

You’d think that using only one bucket might be more comforting for you in progress. But that’s not correct. Even though it means you won’t get inside the house twice or more to change the water into a clean one, you’re still using the same dirty water on clean surfaces. Instead, have another bucket filled with clean water for your second round of cleansing those surfaces. You can enjoy watching your car shining with clear water at last as you dry it with a towel. Ensure to have even more than two buckets if you have an SUV or any big car. You’ll need more water to get those desirable results.

4. How Do You Use Wax?

One of the most common mistakes people make when using wax is pouring it onto the car’s surface. You’re putting too much polish on one spot when you do such a step. The right way is to use a cloth piece to ensure you have a balanced coat all around your car with wax. At the same time, wax is a chemical material that can hurt the paint if poured right onto it. You need to use only a little of it with each water bucket, ensure it’s mixed enough, and then use it to clean the car.

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5. Avoid The Sun

Another mistake you need to avoid is washing your car in the sunlight. First of all, solar heat can dry off the soap while it’s on the vehicle before you cleanse it. At the same time, dry soap can be why your car looks dull, and the paint looks ancient enough as if your vehicle is too old. Ensure your vehicle is away from sunlight when you clean it to ensure it’s safe from any harm.

6. Do Not Use Dish Soap!

One of the most common mistakes people make is using no professional soap. Dish soap might seem like a good idea; if it’s good enough to clean the dishes, it’s good enough to clean my car. But that’s not the case. When you use a chemical material where it’s not meant to be used, it can cause harm instead. That’s why you need to ensure you use the right product in the right place. Leave your dish soap to do the dishes, and buy the proper soap that suits your car without damaging it in the long term.

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7. Vacuum Your Interior

Even though you can use a sponge and soapy water to clean your interior seats, it’s not a great idea. Instead, you can use your vacuum to clean the interior within every detail and still find the same remarkable result. The great thing about this method is that it can clean the surfaces up to a great level without applying any chemical products right on the fabric. Right after you finish this step, you can rub the covers with a clean cloth piece with water only and enjoy a spotless interior on the road!

8. Dry It Off Properly

The last step of having a spotless car is to dry it properly. This step aims to ensure there are no water spots that would dry on their own, leaving any marks on the vehicle. Just like when it rains, even if the water is clean, it can still cause leaving spots when they dry. Dry it off with a soft and well-absorbing cloth piece and enjoy a shiny model that looks incredibly beautiful.

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Showcase Your Luxury

Driving a clean-looking car model on the road can present you with a great appearance that you would admire. It helps you look luxurious anywhere you go. At the same time, it enables you to keep your car looking brand new in the long term. Cars are just like babies; they grow into great personalities with good care.

Avoiding the above given common mistakes while washing your car in Dubai, your car will look luxurious, brand new, cozy and more comfortable to drive.

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