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What is the Cost of Dental Implants in Dubai

Dental implants are a good option for many people who are missing teeth and struggling not only to chew their food but are self-conscious about their smile.

One of the key reasons that dental implants are so effective is that they form a strong bond with the underlying bone tissue of the jaw. This osseointegration is a crucial component of the dental implant process which is needed to ensure that the implant is secure and can withstand pressure placed on the implant when you bite down and chew food.

In fact, the very strength and durability of dental implants is what makes them so superior to dentures when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

The structure of the implant is important in allowing bone tissue to grow onto the surface or grow onto the implant from surrounding bone tissue.

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How Osseointegration Occurs

Bone is a living connective tissue of the human body, which is made of cells and various mineral deposits such as calcium carbonate. You natural teeth are actually made of bone and they sit in cavities in the alveolar ridge region of the upper and lower jaw.

Cells called osteoblasts along with growth factor proteins and connective tissue fibers move into microscopic pores of the implant. The osteoblasts actually secrete the tissue that is to become bone, and the process is helped along by various growth factors.

Implants can be made of titanium or zirconium, which are good strong materials, both of which scientists have found work well for osseointegration. In fact, researchers studying these two materials have found that both are equally effective in allowing osteoblast cells to colonize and grow on the surface of the material.

The quality of bone is classified according to a scheme developed by Lekholm & Zarb, in which type I bone is the strongest and densest, while type 4 bone is the least dense and therefore weakest. People who have type I bone therefore have the greatest chance of success when it comes to osseointegration of implants.

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Osseointegration May Not Work for Elderly People

There has to be enough bone tissue for the implants to adhere to and for a strong connection to form, which is one reason that dental implants may not work well in elderly people who have less bone tissue in the jaw compared with younger people. This is particularly the case with people who have osteoporosis, or porous bone. In these situations, a dental implant may be less successful because osseointegration may not work as it should.

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How Long does Osseointegration Take?

You do need to realize that it takes time for the bone to fuse with the implant.

In fact, it can take up to 6 months for full osseointegration of bone with dental implants to be achieved. The advantage, though, is that you will have a long-lasting structure that looks and functions much the same as a natural tooth would.

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What is the Cost of Dental Implants in Dubai

Now come to the point that how much Osseointegration and Dental implants cost in Dubai. The cost of Dental implants in UAE or any other country in the region is between $800 – $1500 per implant. The total cost varies based on different reasons, such as:

1) Type and manufacturer of the dental Implant .
2) Implant System used .
3) Skill and Expertise of the Dental Surgeon performing the procedure .
4) The Clinical Setup and the conditions in which the procedure is carried out .
5) Finally a great treatment planning is required which comes at a cost .

Good thing is that you can easily cut the cost of Dental Implants by visiting countries like Turkey. Turkey is a great destination for dental implants, with many places such as the Vera Clinic, offering the procedure. Dental Implants may cost you between $350 – $400 per implant. Which is half of the cost you may pay in Dubai. In some cases it maybe more than half of the total cost.

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Dental implants are the best option today for replacing missing teeth, and can be used for attachment of bridges as well.

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