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The Best Assessment & Developement Center in UAE

With the advent of technology, which is increasing every day, nobody had thought that various tough tasks could be performed at the blink of an eye. Internet and computerization have made the world it a global village. In order to make the company a success, it needs to hire the most suitable contender. Thus, there comes the requirement of specific centers which can help the firm or a company to get the best suitable contender. The centers have specific methods for appraisal of the participants. The centers do the aptitude assessment and performance in a definite time frame.

Almost all companies want their website to be very attractive because it gives a fair idea about the company’s profile. Thus, Java developers who have great acumen to develop the website are in high demand. Assessment center provides customized help to the client that is a firm or a company in selecting Java developers. The persons proficient in Java language have to pass through different tests. They write programs within a given time frame and provided with the office like situations. Similarly, various job profiles need different methods of assessment.

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How does it work?

Assessment center not only caters to the organizations for new recruitments but also for promotions of the employees. The diagnostic methods are very specialized and done by a group of assessors who have great knowledge and experience in this field. The exercises given to them are time tested and tailored according to the role of the job. The session usually lasts a day or two, depending upon the type of work a company wants you to do. The environment of the testing center is almost the same as that of the company so that he or she can be judged as to how he/she will react under stressful conditions. The psychological analysis does provide the company with complete knowledge about his or her capabilities. The concept of these centers is not new. These were there earlier also and were used in the selection process of military services as well as for intelligence personnel. However, now, they are catering to companies for the manager and other management employees as well.

The observers use several techniques and note in their record. All these records are later discussed in a meeting by the team of assessors. Mostly, these methods of evaluation are unbiased because of appraisal by a group. Leadership qualities, excellent communication, artistic taste and imagination are some of the qualities which are judged by the assessors according to the need of the job. Due to advancement in technology, the online selection is also prevalent these days. The aspirant or the candidate has to login, register him to do the needful. As the assessor has got a fair idea from the company about its need, he looks for the same in the candidate, and the assessment is done accordingly.

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Why we need them?

Every company wants to hire people with high energy. That is why real-life tests are done by the centers. These also help them spot new talent as in case of the management personnel. Sometimes the contenders are asked to give presentations, are given the intensive psychological test and make them do written tests. These are all designed according to the job specifications. The observations are very critically evaluated by the assessors. Mostly these centers are hired by the very large firms or companies and for selecting top-level persons as their role is multidimensional and not clear cut. So these help to do the comprehensive study of the applicants.

These centers have such specialized technique that they predict the suitability of the candidate very accurately. Poor judgment and recruitment of employee can lead to a great amount of loss to the company both in terms of time and finance. Hence, the need for these centers is rising greatly. Moreover, they provide a positive and friendly atmosphere to the contenders as compared to the interview alone. Sometimes, the candidates are provided with feedback also, which helps them in the future course of time plus it adds to the reputation of the company.

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The support

The company has to provide a job description to the assessors so that they can provide proper testing exercises. On the basis of the profile of the job, they select the methods and the techniques. In some cases, these centers shortlist the contenders and later do the testing in various stages. Needless to say, the difficulty level increases with every stage, and the person with the best potential and skill is selected by them. The company thus hires the best person, and everybody knows that a suitable person is an asset to the company.

When the candidates are through with their exercises, assessors make a final score list and select the most suitable and appropriate person. A combination of techniques or otherwise can be used by assessors depending upon the necessity of the company. The main cause that the organizations want to take the help of these centers is that they pick out the best person from a large number of applicants. The companies avail the services of these centers more often for the higher post with larger responsibilities. Job simulation gives plenty of ideas to the assessor about the suitability for a particular job. Assessors have a good experience and expertise based on the past research work done and in their respective fields. Not only the skill is judged, but the psychological assessment of candidates is also carried out by them.

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To summarize, it can be said that the centers are now becoming indispensable for the companies who want to make a mark in domestic as well as the world market. These centers are not just the venues; they are the platforms which by using specialized techniques provide the most skillful, dexterous and appropriate persons. Not only they help the company by giving them the most suitable individual they also help the candidate by giving him an insight into his weaknesses so that he can strengthen himself for the future appraisals. So, these centers also create a very positive and vibrant image of the company.

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