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Top 4 Best Degree Options for International Careers

Do you want to live somewhere other than the country where you were raised? If working in a foreign nation is among your life goals, then it makes sense to obtain the right college or master’s degree before you make travel plans. Of course, the first step is making sure that you can cover the expense of an education that will prepare you to live and work in Africa, Europe, Asia, South America or elsewhere. Consider taking out a private student loan without a co-signer to maximize your chances of building good credit in your own name.

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Best Degree Choices for International Careers

When you opt to apply for an education loan on your own, you’ll still have the advantage of funding some or all of your degree-related expenses, getting a competitive interest rate, and taking advantage of no penalties for early repayment of the loan. The other essential element of the planning process is deciding on the particular degree or major to pursue.

The following choices offer you a good chance of international careers.

1. Education

Even if you don’t speak a foreign language, a teaching degree opens many doors for international jobs. That’s because there are English-speaking school systems all over the world. In fact, if you are willing to work in an emerging economy region, like India, Southeast Asia, or Africa, you will have plenty of opportunities to teach primary or secondary school to local children in those places. A major in ESL, English as a Second Language, is even better. You’ll have even more chances to lead a classroom in a nation where learning to speak English is a key to social and financial success.

2. Nursing

There are several international organizations that do nothing but place nursing grads in international jobs. It helps to have some foreign language training, but some of the agencies will give you a crash course in Spanish or another language before sending you abroad to work in a medical facility. International relief agencies are another source of employment if you want to focus on underdeveloped nations where healthcare is in short supply.

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3. Engineering

Engineers, particularly chemical engineers, are in high demand all over the world. What’s the catch? Degrees in these fields are challenging academically and call for strong math and analysis skills. In particular, chemical engineering has long had the reputation of being the best field for people who want to travel the world. You can choose to stay in one place and work for a local corporation or act as an independent consultant on jobs all over the world. It helps to have a master’s degree, but an undergraduate diploma in engineering is usually enough to snag an overseas job.

4. Management Consulting

Management consultants with language skills can take their pick of the world’s financial centres for job opportunities. Of course, places like London, Sydney, and many cities in India and Africa use English as their official business language, so you won’t need additional linguistic skills if you choose one of those places. However, most of the international positions for management consultants go to holders of master’s degrees, so aim for an MBA or similar graduate diploma if you don’t already have one.

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