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6 Steps to Choose the Best MBA Program in Dubai

The MBA (Master of Business) degree is still the pre-eminent business qualification and is very highly valued by a wide range of ambitious senior business people and employers/recruiters all over the world. Studying an MBA program in Dubai can give you an extra advantage in a very competitive job market in Dubai. It will let you have a better understanding of the Middle East business environment.

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Why do an MBA?

Study MBA in Dubai

The MBA is a general management qualification that equips students for a career in business management, helping them acquire broad perspectives on a wide range of areas that they need to grasp and understand in order to operate effectively at a senior level.

Student motivations for studying an MBA vary from person to person but there is some common ground. In many multinational organizations, the MBA is really viewed as a pre-requisite for a career in senior management as it exposes students to all the core areas of a business and gives them a perspective and a set of tools which makes them more effective in their roles. For others, the trigger may be a plan to switch careers, start a company, or move from a specialist role to general management.

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Steps to Choose College and MBA program in Dubai

Executive MBA in Dubai

Today, there are many good business schools and MBA programs in Dubai to choose from, Like The University of Manchester – Middle East Centre, HULT International Business School, London Business School Dubai, etc. So students should look around and find the right combination of school and program to meet their personal needs.

Here we are with the steps you should follow to choose the MBA program in Dubai. These steps can also be followed to choose the institute and suitable program for yourself anywhere in the world.

1. Shortlist Institutes Based on Ranking

Choosing an MBA is a very personal decision but building an initial shortlist of candidate schools based on reputation and ranking (the Financial Times annual MBA ranking, for example) and accreditation (triple MBA ranking is the gold standard), is a good start. Prospective students may also want to look at global rankings for return on investment in various MBA programs.

2. Always Choose a Program that Suits You

After that, students should look for the programs that best suit them – subjects, study formats, full time or part-time/blended learning, amount of face to face contact time with peers and faculty, international network and exposure, alumni network, careers support, entry criteria and cost.

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3. Talk to Others

Among your relatives, friends or social circle, you should find people who have done MBA and learn from their experience. Like which institute is best to suit your preferred program, Post MBA career, the current job market situation, etc. In the end, you can combine your research with their feedback and make your decision accordingly.

4. Follow Universities/Colleges Social Media

Another very important step which has become very essential nowadays is to visit the universities/colleges website, explore the programs pages which you are planning to do. You should also follow their social media, read students and admissions committee blogs. The reason to follow social media and student blogs is that it will help you to understand the curriculum structure, student body, extracurricular activities, activities related to your goals and hobbies, etc.

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5. Talk to Students and Alumni

Then, go and meet the school officials, students, and alumni, if possible, for deeper insights. Attend MBA fairs and open campus days. All of these will give you on hand insight into the institute and also will let you have on hand experience of the campus life.

6. Putting All Together

Finally, now you are ready to make your decision. You have visited their websites, followed their social media, read students and admission staff blogs. Also, have attended MBA fairs, visited campuses and have done almost every research related to your preferred programs. Put all these together and apply for the admission.

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The whole process will help you to choose an MBA program according to your strength, qualification, and competitiveness.

Ultimately, you only study for an MBA once in your life and so students should choose the best school and program – it should prove to be a career and life-transforming experience and a very good investment.

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