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Top 10 PMP Certification Courses in Dubai

Want to validate your Project Management skills? If yes, read along to know about the top 10 PMP certification Courses in Dubai. Before we delve into the list, let us start by defining the PMP Certification.

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What is a PMP Certification?

What is PMP Certification

PMP certification or Project Management Professional certification is a privileged group of Project Managers who have validated their skills in handling projects across various domains. This value-adding PMP certification is one of the popular choices among project professionals, and it is a known fact that the demand for PMP Certified professionals is accelerating at a faster pace on a global level.

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PMP Certification Courses in Dubai

PMP Certification Courses in Dubai

Here is the list of the Top 10 PMP Certification Courses in Dubai

There is a pressing requirement for skilled and certified Project managers across various sectors in Dubai. Hence, credible PMP certification can broaden your career spectrum in Dubai and help you land your dream job. For the PMP Certification, a project manager should fulfill certain requirements and crack the PMP Exam. To facilitate this, there are many PMP Certification Training courses in Dubai:

1. Henry Harvin

Contact Info: +12537858210

Henry Harvin is a popular choice for online training and skill-building courses. The PMP training course in Dubai from Henry Harvin encompasses a syllabus that aligns with the PMBOK and is scientifically curated by experts to meet the dynamic demands of various Industries. The various features of this course are:

  • 9 deliverables like training, internship, certification, projects, placement support, 1 year of Gold membership, Bootcamps, hackathons, and e-learning facility in one course make this course all the more desirable PMP Certification Training course.
  • The learners can gather the eligibility criteria of 35+ PDUs for the PMP Certification Exam through this course.
  • Simulation tests, case studies, practice Questions, etc are included in the PMP Training for comprehensive preparation for the Exam.
  • One of the fortifying features of Henry Harvin’s PMP Certification course in Dubai is the Internship opportunity wherein expert mentors guide the learners to get practical exposure to live industry-relevant projects.
  • The top-notch LMS facility and brainstorming sessions ensure that each learner reaps the maximum benefit through this course.

Henry Harvin is the frontrunner in the global edtech industries and the PMP Certification training course is highly revered among the top hirers in India and abroad.

Some of the other courses from henry Harvin include:

  • Post Graduate Program in Project Management
  • Post Graduate Program in Product Management
  • PMP Plus course
  • Agile Project management course

2. Cambridge Education

One of the premium PMP Training institutes in Dubai, Cambridge Education provides online as well as classroom training. This PMP Certification training course in Dubai focuses on upskilling learners in this domain. The training is rendered by Cambridge subject matter Experts, and unconditional learning support is provided during the course. Additionally, multiple simulation Exams, tips, and tricks to pass the PMP Certification Exam in the first go, PMI membership booking support, etc are the add-ons to this course. Also, the course content covers the 49 Project management processes as in the PMBOK.

3. SimpliAxis


Another name in online training courses is the PMP Certification training course in Dubai from SimpliAxis. This course is designed to provide the learners with a complete understanding of the concepts like Project Integration Management, Scope Management, Cost Management, Schedule Management, etc. The 4-day online interactive training course helps incorporates real-time and experimental learning formats. Certified trainers from this domain take the learners through the course and aid in gathering the 35+ PDUs needed for the PMP certification Exam qualification.

4. 3 FOLD

Being a PMI-authorised training partner, 3FOLD provides courses rendered online by PMI-approved trainers. Lectures, Exercises, brainstorming discussions, etc make this course one of the desirable PMP Certification Training courses in Dubai. This course caters to the requirements of the PMP certification Exam 2021.PMP Mock Exams and one year of access to the LMS complete the big list of deliverables for this PMP Certification Training course in Dubai.

5. KnowledgeHut

Another accredited PMP training institute in Dubai is KnowledgeHut. The step-by-step guidance during the course helps the learners ace the PMP certification Exam in the first go. The knockouts of this course that makes this one of the best PMP certification courses in Dubai include weekly mentoring to ensure the speed and accuracy of learning, and a 180-day grand pass that translates to rejoining the refresher courses and gaining more knowledge.

6. ExcelR

With more than 3000 practice questions, ExcelR provides an elaborate curriculum for the PMP Certification course in Dubai.WhatsApp support, free Project management Templates, self-paced videos, and a route map to clearing the PMP Certification on the first attempt make this PMP certification course in Dubai one of the top 10 PMP Certification courses.

7. Zabeel Inernation Institute

Zabeel provides a well-structured PMP Certification course in Dubai that provides training on the basic and modern strategies according to the PMI. this 6-week training course helps the learner earn the 35 PDUs through detailed course content and an agile practice guide. Off-the-class discussion facility, one-to-one counseling sessions, Revision of concepts, Memory, and Exam techniques makes this course an outstanding PMP certification course in Dubai.

8. Vinsys

With a 99% Exam pass rate, Vinsys is a leading provider of the PMP certification course in Dubai. The 4-days instructor-led online training covers an extensive curriculum. The learners get access to the PMI resources and gain 35 PDUs from this course. Vinsys is one of the leading PP Training institutes in Dubai that helps develop the skills and knowledge for Predictive, Agile, and Hybrid lifecycle-based projects.

9. Grey Campus

Contact Info: +1 347 994 9941

With an engaging and productive study plan, Grey Campus is another premier PMP Training institute in Dubai. Bootcamps, Exam-solving sessions, simulated Exams, and intense training are the main features of this PMP certification Course in Dubai. The most distinctive feature of this course is that it provides 1-year instructor guidance and support for clearing all the queries. The course content is based on the seventh edition of the PMBOK guide and official PMI content.

10. Quadra Plus

The 40 PDUs that the Quadra Plua institute provides make this PMP Certification course one of the best in Dubai. The long list of learning outcomes and KHDA-approved certificate are the other outstanding features of this course. Additionally, Exam application assistance, entry to webinars, and access to Exam simulators are provided to the learners during this PMP certification course in Dubai.

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Eligibility criteria for the PMP Certification Exam by PMI

PMP Exam

PMP Exam is one of the hardest to crack and calls for proper training and preparation.

  • 4-year degree + 36 months of project management experience + 35 PDUs or contact hours from training. OR
  • Postgraduate degree + 24 Months Experience + 35 PDUs. OR
  • Secondary Degree + 60 months Experience + 35 PDUs.

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5 compelling reasons to get PMP Certified

PMP Certification Reasons

  • PMP Certification is a globally accredited certification and you can find countless opportunities anywhere in the world after getting PMP Certified.
  • The heavy salary hike after PMP certification in Dubai also adds value to your Project Management skills.
  • The PMP Certification in Dubai is one of the best ways to connect with a lot of professionals in the global network of Project managers. This in turn can help when you are looking for a change in your career scenario.
  • Better understanding through Project Management training promotes better efficacy in leading the projects to success.
  • Validating the skills always gives an upper edge to your CV and distinguishes you from your peers.

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Who should do a PMP Certification course in Dubai?

Project management professionals are needed in many sectors like Healthcare, manufacturing, It, construction, etc. However, the PMP certification courses are suitable for

  • Project Coordinators
  • Project Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Project Leaders
  • Program Managers

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FAQ- top 10 PMP Certification Courses in Dubai

Is PMP Certificate worth it?
ANS: Yes, the PMP Certification is worth the time and effort. It is estimated to create 22 million jobs in project management by the year 2027. The PMP Certification courses in Dubai help you get certified in the fastest way possible through a comprehensive learning approach.

What is the validity of the PMP Certification in Dubai?
ANS: three years is the validity of the PMP Certification in Dubai, during which period you need to gain 60 hours of professional development activities to maintain the certification.

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The PMP certification is one of the most revered certificates on a global level for Project managers. The endless list of benefits points to the significance of the certification and the apparent PMP courses. The top 10 PMP Certification courses in Dubai are a comprehensive guide to choosing the best suitable option from the list.

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