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How Do Internships in Dubai Benefit Students?

For parents in O-level schools in Dubai, helping their young ones meet the challenges of a continually changing world is a top priority. One of the ways to do this is to help prepare them for a successful professional life in the future.

In addition to giving children access to the best education available, encouraging them to pursue an internship is positive step parents can take towards guiding their children in building a distinct advantage over their competition in the workplace in the years to come.

In this article, we’ll explore how internships in Dubai for students can be beneficial to their future career goals.

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What is an internship?

An internship is a hired position held by a student or a trainee within an organization or company. It may or may not come with a salary like a standard employment position, primarily because its purpose is for the intern to gain experience in a particular field.

A student in year 12 who wishes to pursue an internship may submit their application and resume, as well as undergo an interview process, to be considered. Students accepted into the internship program will be supported by their Form Tutors or Heads of Year in choosing their field and navigating their part-time responsibilities (in some schools, internships may be pursued one day per week throughout the academic year).

Schools may partner with organizations in the areas of business, law, technology, computing, fashion design, sports, teaching, and more so that students can explore and consider their paths of interest.

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Benefits of Internships in Dubai

Internships for Students in Dubai

What are the benefits that students can enjoy from signing up for an internship program? Here is the list of some of the internships in Dubai benefits for students before starting their professional career.

1. Real-World Application of Skills

Internships enable the real-world application of skills and knowledge that students learned from school.

In class, students are taught to develop skills in studying and understanding processes, solving problems, researching information, communicating with peers and superiors, managing their time, and overall, learning something new. Interns have the chance to apply these skills outside of the school environment and inside an actual functioning workplace.

2. They Provide Hands-on Work Experience

Whether an intern chooses to work for a tech startup, a retail outlet, or a law firm, they will be able to observe how the office or establishment operates on a daily basis. They will be performing assigned tasks and getting firsthand experience in working within a real setting, which can certainly come in handy when it comes time to apply for a job with experience requirements.

This gives a student a decided advantage over another who is entering the workforce for the first time after university.

3. New Opportunities

They provide students with an opportunity to discover their preferred career path.

Depending on how the internship program is structured, an intern may either be assigned the same specific responsibility throughout the program or given the flexibility to explore different departments and take on various roles.

This enables the intern to learn more about the different functions within the workplace and to view the way the industry works as a whole. In turn, this can help them decide what kind of job they would like to pursue over the long term.

4. Expand Professional Network

They help build and expand professional networks.

Interns will be receiving instruction and guidance from superiors in the organization who could potentially become trusted mentors. The intern may end up working in a different company full-time after the program, but they can develop and nurture positive and fulfilling relationships over the years with the people they encounter during this journey.

These networks could also lead to fruitful referrals and recommendations to good companies throughout the intern’s career in future.

5. They Help Create a Stronger Resume

All of the knowledge and experience that the intern gains during the program can be authentically detailed in their resume. The intern will be able to clearly indicate the projects, roles, and responsibilities that they have previously worked on, and also, more effectively describe their objectives and goals for the permanent positions that they will be seeking.

6. Grow Confidence

They instill confidence as students transition to permanent employment.

Internship programs bridge the gap between a person’s life as a student and as a career professional. Now armed with experience in navigating a real-life work setting, the individual will have a clearer picture of what to expect from a permanent job and can walk into their role with a better understanding of their capabilities, what they have to offer to their new company, and what other skills they can gain to become a standout in their chosen industry.

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Preparing for the Future

Internships in Dubai give students a valuable opportunity to learn firsthand how to approach practical situations in actual work environments and apply all they have trained and studied for in their chosen field. A student becomes better prepared to enter the workforce and make valuable contributions to the industry. It’s worthwhile for parents to explore the programs offered in their school ahead of time.

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