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8 Best Career Opportunities for Expats in UAE

An educated individual with a career-oriented approach settled in somewhere other than the native loans is known as an Ex-Pat. Every year several people travel to UAE so that they can explore their career options, and some of them settle down there. Hence, you can find a lot of expats in Dubai. And that might be the reason why there are lots of career opportunities for expats in UAE.

So if you have any upcoming plans to move to another city for job purposes, United Arab Emirates would be the perfect pick for that because of many things. You know that it’s a global hub for investors, job seekers, and people with high career hopes. This makes it the first choice for anyone who is looking for something exciting and can go an extra mile for that then pack your bags, and start your journey today.

Well, if you don’t have any idea about how to do it then don’t worry because we have got your back! We have gathered some information about these top 8 career opportunities for expats in Dubai. You just need to give it a brief read and select your path. Besides, any information you need, you can get it from the internet. There is a huge number of job seekers around the globe and very few seems serious about keeping their current job to make it a lifetime career. This happens because of a lack of career counseling. Unfortunately, it’s too late for that but we can surely provide you with something else.

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Career Opportunities for Expats in UAE

You better be sure, which field you want to get into before you start applying everywhere. As they say, consistency is the key, be consistence about what you want to achieve and everything is going to work in your favor. Here’s the top 8 picks for your career options in UAE!

1. Digital content freelancer

Content freelancers don’t even need a gig anyway because they know the drill in this fast pacing industry. They know how essential these platforms have become. Since most people want to pursue their careers in the field of digital content creation, hence, the government of UAE expand the work permit for ex-pats two years back. Now is your greatest chance to achieve your dreams.

2. Creative

Art, design, photography, and writing come under the category of the creative and this is another incredible opportunity for expatriates to get their hands on. Now and then different companies and agencies have openings for different positions. So, if you think you can handle the work and this is something you are passionate about then hire a professional cover letter writing service to make sure your cover letter doesn’t go unnoticed. Because you are going to stay there for a long time so the chances are you get the job preferably?

3. Admin Assistant

If you want a job in the administration sector then you are always in luck. But you gotta make sure that you have the right recommendations with an impressive PA. Because this is all that matters (after your experience level), and also how you present yourself in the interview. This can further lead you to different departments of the different fields according to your resume.

4. Engineer and Architects

Emirates never disappoints engineers and architecture because that is the only place on earth under continuous construction. All those skylines, towers, Burj al Arab, Burj al-Khalifa, are works of art and it couldn’t be possible without the help of some outstanding minds and hands. Those are the laborers, engineers, and architects. This is considered to be the most high-demand profession for UAE ex-pats.

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5. Sales and Marketing

If you want to earn money in no time then nothing can be better than sales and marketing. Because Dubai isn’t only a global job hub but also a shopping hub! This place is filled with buildings that have shopping malls in them and it is heaven for shopaholics. So any ex-pat who thinks, he is good at sales and marketing, should try his luck in this field.

6. Medics

One thing you would never see compromised in Dubai is health! They have set the bars quite high and they are pretty serious with it. All credit goes to the hygienic people along with medical practitioners. Their healthcare system is straight out of the future. To maintain and improve each thing over time, you’ll see them hiring staff for different roles such as doctors, specialists, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, etc.

7. Software Developer

Because Dubai has also embraced technology so this calls for staff hiring. It’s nothing new but we are just saying, you won’t find this many job opportunities anywhere else. Anyways, if you are in fact, a tech-nerd you should mail your Top CV to UAE’s renowned software houses and wait for the interview call.

8. HR

With everything that has been going on with these jobs opening and everything, now Emirates needs an over-qualified staff for recruitment purposes. If you are punctual, have more than enough experience, and find yourself professional in the field then you are good to go! That is all for being a recruitment officer in UAE. But better not take it lightly. A recruiter is someone who has the whole responsibility of hiring employees that can be beneficial for the firm, so you have to be a keen observer of everything in general while you are interviewing anyone. But that’s another thing, before that, you’d yourself have to go through the same process.

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From an office clerk to admin and then the manager, Dubai has lots of things to offer to the world. One thing everyone knows for sure is that if we are living in 2022 then the United Arab Emirates is living in 2050. And we are not stating this because of the technology but because of plans they have. This place is not just to pursue your dreams, but make the most out of it while living the Dubai. You might learn various and newest things to apply in your life!

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