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Linkedln Experts Dennis Koutoudis & Emily Pappas Relocate to Dubai

Two of the world’s most recognized LinkedIn gurus, Dennis Koutoudis and Emily Pappas, have moved to Dubai to launch LinkedSuperPowers in the UAE.

This will allow them to assist individuals and businesses in the region in achieving their professional goals through the most effective use of the LinkedIn platform and beyond.

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Since the LinkedIn specialist duo created LinkedSuperPowers together in 2014, the company has expanded significantly with its offices operating in Athens, London, and New York today.

Their relocation to Dubai is aimed at further broadening the global reach of LinkedSuperPowers, which already has a number of high-profile UAE clientele who are already being treated in person by Dennis & Emily themselves.

“We’re proud of how far we’ve gone and we’d like to build our company in several additional nations,” one of the firm’s major spokespersons stated.

“We decided to expand our reach in Dubai after experiencing rapid growth in Athens, London, and New York. Our founders are ecstatic about this region’s potential,” the spokesperson added.

With over 3 million social media followers, Dennis and Emily have aided thousands of people and businesses throughout the world, including executives from IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, Nokia, Google, Philips, Bloomberg, and others.

With their efforts routinely highlighted and appreciated by the media, the company’s work has been featured by top global publications including Forbes, Fortune, CNN, HuffPost, CBS, and Entrepreneur, as well as various magazine covers.

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Now they’re geared to genuinely establish themselves as a UAE market leader in their niche, assisting people in achieving their professional goals, whether it’s finding a new job, employing the right human resource, gaining more clients, or attracting investors.

To learn more about LinkedSuperPowers and what they do, visit


Story Source: Khaleej Times

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