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Top 10 Things You Must Know Regarding PMP TRAINING in Dubai

Does PMP certification mean I will get a better job? Can I go after graduation for this certification? Does this training need work experience? Is it necessary? How much are today’s reach and value? Does this certification appreciate employer? The following section provides answers to the above questions of PMP Training.

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1. What is PMP Training

It is essentially a qualification in project management. PMP is a PMI Project Management Institute professional designation. PMI is known throughout the world for training and developing qualified project managers. PMI developed a variety of credentials and certification programs intending to improve the standards of project management training. PMP is one of the most common applications of certification. It is known as the worldwide gold standard certification. For your job, PMP Certification will work wonders. It will help you at work to gain a promotion. It will help you do a better job as well.

2. Modes of Training

PMP Training Dubai available in different modes which are:

  • Classroom fashion
  • Online fashion
  • Flexible part-time/mode of learning

You can use online training mode or flexible learning mode to your advantage if you are a professional. You can study from the comfort of your home when it comes to online learning!

The material for the analysis is available online in this mode. You can access it easily with the aid of an internet-connected computer/laptop/smartphone. Simply put, this credential is a blessing for the workplace. You should drive your stagnant career forward. But how can this certification be obtained? The PMP exam must be cleared if PMP is to be certified by the PMI. This analysis is focused on the information body for PMI project management. Self-learn and training can assist you in breaking the PMP test. However, PMP training can contribute to speeding up the training process.

The first step to being certified as PMP is to ensure that you satisfy the requirements of the Project Management Professional (PMP). PMP eligibility is dependent on education, project management and technical experience in project management. You can take your PMP test at the nearest centre after your approval. You receive your score immediately with the computer-based check. Once you have passed, the PMP credential is allowed to be used for three years

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3. Who Is It For?

They can be successful in their career if PMP Certification works. You will benefit from this certification if you belong to the following domains. Besides, you can rely on this certification if you want to enter the project management domain! Yes, this certification can help you if you are a working expert looking to build a career in the project management sector.

4. Eligibility Criteria

The necessary minimum qualification is the completion of a high-school diploma or possession of an associate or bachelor degree. Both non-students and graduates will complete two 35 hours of project management education. Project management is also required (5 or 7500 hours for non-graduates and 3 or 4500 hours for graduates). It’s not an impossible task to clear PMP examinations. However, it is also not too easy. Self-readiness and preparation will assist you in breaking through this study. However, training will speed up the process of learning.

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5. Academic and Education Experience

Experiences must lead or manage projects not overlapping, which can be cumulated across all process groups, and which must be included with the PMI PMP application within the last eight years.

6. Training for Project Management

You will need 35 contact hours for training in project management, preferably to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control and close. PMTI prepares for our students in advance and offers an integrated online course so that you can meet this demand even before taking part.

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7. Application Process

On your PMI certification website,, you can submit your PMP application. The following information (the terminology is taken from the PMP application) should be provided:


  • Home Address
  • Work Address


  • Email Address
  • Phone Number


  • School or University
  • Highest Level of Education Attained
  • Year Degree Awarded
  • Field of Study

Although the method of auditing that may seem overwhelming from the paragraph, the measures outlined by PMI are not always followed, we have some tips to simplify this and make navigating simple as part of our application preparation tool assistance process.

You can download the PMP Audit Package once PMI informs you of your audit. This audit package guides to verify the various items submitted with your PMP request. The audit records are sent for ninety 90 days. PMI requires that you provide evidence of:
This may be a copy of your training, as shown in your request. PMI will accept transcripts if you have not a copy of the certificate is too large to copy. On appeal, a means of verification shall be provided by most schools and universities. This applies to your PMP exam application for 35 communication hours of instruction. Most companies will supply a certificate and should suffice a copy.

8. Duration for the Training

The length of the training depends on the school involved, the student’s mode of learning and the complexity of the training programme. The majority of training programs can be completed within one month, two months or three months under these schedules.

Fast track programs are also available.

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9. Fees Structure

Training costs vary with factors like –

  • Institutions
  • Study mode
  • The nature of the training program
  • System of Training Period

10. Exam Pattern

The PMP examination is used to measure the competence of a candidate in different fields of project management. It tests the expertise of a candidate in domains like –

  • Initiation of the project
  • Planning of the project
  • Management of the project
  • Surveillance and monitoring program
  • Closing of Project

This is a final examination of the book. There are 200 questions for several choices. Of this, 25 are ‘sample questions’ and are not counted when evaluating the performance of the applicant.

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For Further details Connect with Dubai’s most trusted PMP Training Institute.

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