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14 Important Tips for Effective Revision

Revision is an important part of the process of preparation. An effective revision can make a great difference in how much you score. Therefore, while you prepare a study schedule for yourself, make a revision schedule alongside.

Here are some important tips that you can utilize and implement in your plan of action for effective revision.

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1. Preparing a revision schedule along with a study schedule

When you prepare a study schedule for yourself at the beginning of the session, make sure that you leave out a significant amount of time for revision. Plan at least three revisions after the completion of the syllabus. These should be thorough revision sessions that should not leave behind any part of the syllabus, little or big, more or less significant or otherwise. Analyze your weak points. Mark them for a separate revision. These three revisions should be scheduled such that your last day’s revision is clearer and easier.

2. Early revisions

Wake up at an early hour for a more effective revision. Revisions that are planned early in the morning are found to be much more effective than the ones planned at any other hour of the day. This is because your mind is fresh in the morning and anything studied, revised, or memorized at that point will be retained for a longer duration than at any other point. You will not be carrying the day’s load or exhaustion and your mind will be free from other worries.

3. Add on rewards and treats

To make your revisions more effective, manage deadlines and attach with them certain rewards and treats like a healthy snack, a longer break, television breaks, or social media breaks. These will help you be more motivated towards achieving your goal.

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4. Get yourself the appropriate stationery

Use attractive and durable stationery products. You can get yourself a dated or an undated planner. Use colored pens and highlighters to write and mark important things. Get yourself a diary for maintaining revision notes. Diaries in various formats are available both at local stores and online. Use sticky notes if you wish. These will help build a mood for better study and revision. However, do not spend a lot of time decorating the planner and notes.

5. Allow yourself to rest

Revising thoroughly is important but make sure you do not exhaust yourself while doing so. It will only lead to an inefficient revision. Therefore, it is important that along with the revision schedule, you also plan your breaks. This will help you revise better without feeling exhausted.

6. Keep the distractions away

Distractions such as television or the internet, social media platforms, and mobile phones can be great distractions that may hinder your revision and overall performance. Try to avoid these distractions completely or you can use them for a minimal time as a reward. These are addictive platforms that may lead you to waste your much precious time without you realizing it. Therefore, keep at bay from such distractions for an effective study session or revision.

7. Use online resources

Read online blogs and watch videos to get an idea about formulating an effective study schedule. There may be various other strategies that may be helpful to you concerning getting a well-organized schedule.

8. Add activities alongside revision

Use different ways to make revision fun. Use flashcards or quizzes. These quizzes can be in the form of individual quizzes or group quizzes. You can also use other games to revise efficiently and enjoyably. Take on the role of a teacher and help other friends and classmates.

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9. Test the rhythm

Some people can study better with music. You can try this technique to revise your subjects. It is very effective while practicing mathematics. Recognize the genre of the songs that you work most comfortable with but do not spend ample time on making or creating varied playlists. This technique may not necessarily work for everyone, but you can try and know what works best for you.

10. Friends or no friends

Not everyone can study better in a group. Hence, analyze and find out which is a better way for you to study. If you speak while you study or you prefer loud music while you study, you may be more comfortable studying alone. If you prefer quizzes, group discussions, constant guidance, and crave company, you can consider contacting your friends and classmates and create study groups for the required subjects.

11. A healthy environment to study

Look for a refreshing place to set your study table. This can be on the balcony, by the window, or in the garden. It should be set according to your preference. Do not bring food or anything else to the table. It should be confined to only the things that are required while studying and water. The study place should not be in your bedroom as it is a place where you rest and that feeling may linger along if you study there.

12. Keep changing the place of study

Do not stick to one place. If you feel that you are losing your ability to study efficiently, change the place where you study. Go on the terrace for a short revision or walk in the garden barefoot while revising a short excerpt.

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13. Find your comfort zone

There may be various ways to revise. You will have to find the one that works best for you. There are various techniques such as silent studying, group studying, studying with music, being vocal while studying, and others. Find the one you’re most comfortable with and stick to it.

14. Set realistic goals

Be realistic with revising. Do not try to over-engage yourself. Take an extra day but do not over-schedule your days.

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