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Dubai Launches The World’s First Luxury IELTS Testing Experience

The new 5-star experience priced between 1,700-2,000 AED provides candidates with valet parking, a dedicated relationship manager, all four test sections, and then lunch in Dubai’s 5-star Marriott. The British Council, the governing body of the IELTS test (an English Language Testing System used for migration and study), has officially launched its premium IELTS testing service in Dubai.

Often, sitting exams can be grueling, boring, and without any kind of style. They are monotonous, a means to an end for a candidate who is needing a certain result in order to attain something further. Well, that’s certainly not the case for IELTS candidates in the United Arab Emirates any longer.

From boasting the world’s tallest building to now providing the first luxury testing experience for IELTS candidates, Dubai certainly knows how to do almost anything in style.

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So What’s Included In Dubai’s New Premium IELTS Service?

It’s fair to say that no expense has been spared by the British Council and local organizers. For candidates aspiring to pass the IELTS exam and migrate to an English-speaking nation, there really is no better way to plan, prepare and participate in the IELTS test than this new 5-star luxury experience.

The premium experience really begins in the run up to the test itself. With the experience being marketed as something a candidate should only need to do once, the British Council have included a good level of preparation support to give premium service candidates the best possible chance of succeeding.

Once a premium test has been purchased, candidates will receive a free IELTS Essential Guidebook from the British Council. Also, providing that their test date is more than two weeks away, Dubai’s premium IELTS candidates will be given access to the British Council’s IELTS counselling service. Alongside this is also the option of a 4 hour one-to-one IELTS coaching session with a qualified tutor to help get candidates ready for the exam.

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But What Will Candidates Get On Test Day Itself?

5 Star Hotel Cuisine

So far we’ve covered the additional preparation resources that the British Council will be supplying. But, what do the world-class event planners of Dubai bring to the table? Why is this new service considered ‘premium’ or ‘5-star’? Well, the first place to start is the venue. You can’t get much more ‘5-star’ than Dubai’s luxurious 5-star Marriott Hotel.

When candidates arrive at the hotel, they will be given valet parking for their cars, and then proceed to the welcome lounge. Here, their dedicated relationship manager (along with representatives from the British Council) will help them sign-in for their tests. There is then the opportunity to relax with some refreshments alongside other test takers in the welcome lounge before the exams begin.

One of the main draws of the new premium service is that it offers same day testing for all of the 4 components which make up the IELTS exam. Previously, many candidates would have to book separate dates for the Writing, Reading, Listening & Speaking sections of the test. However, the UAE’s premium service combines these into one day of luxury 5-star testing.

However, with a long day of testing, there is of course the need to stop and have lunch! Well, it should come as no surprise that this is also included. Candidates can dine in style at the Kitchen6 buffet restaurant at the Dubai Marriott, before returning to complete whichever of the tests they have remaining.

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Why The IELTS Exam Is Important

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the name given to one form of English Language exam used by non-native English speakers for emigration. This could be that they are moving to an English-speaking company for work or to study at a university. Whatever the reason, in order to have visas or student placements accepted, they will need to have passed the IELTS exam.

There are two different forms of IELTS test. IELTS General and IELTS Academic. The General test is normally used for those who are migrating for work, which is not classed as highly skilled, in order to attain a visa.

The Academic IELTS test is aimed at students and highly skilled professions such as doctors. This is a more complex version of the test and is needed for those who will be expected to have a much more advanced understanding of English for their degree or to do their jobs.

Both IELTS tests are split into four different sections. Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking. There are multiple tasks in each of these four sections and each of them are graded to give candidates an overall band score. This band score is what matters to candidates. Depending on their vocation or university, they will need to achieve a certain band score to be able to migrate. It is therefore crucial that candidates do everything they can to achieve their target band score.

IELTS is used to migrate to a range of English-speaking countries, the only main exclusion is the United States, who use a different English language testing system. The main countries which require IELTS are; United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

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Get Extra Support To Pass The IELTS Exam

Whilst the new IELTS premium service offers aspiring candidates in Dubai the opportunity to take additional preparation courses with the British Council, depending on their current level of English a 4 hour one-to-one session may well not be enough.

Given that the pricing for the new premium IELTS experience starts at 1,700 AED (US$462.87), it certainly isn’t an expense that candidates want to have more than once. With that in mind it is certainly worth candidates looking at additional support available that can help them pass the IELTS exam the first time around!

Online IELTS tutors which offer one-to-one coaching are by far the best people to turn to. Most of these IELTS experts will have seen many candidates, all with different levels of English and know just what is needed to set people on the right course. Whether it is spoken or written English that a candidate needs help with, using an expert and qualified IELTS tutor will be one of the most beneficial ways of making sure a premium IELTS experience ends with a premium IELTS band score!

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