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Living in Burj Khalifa: The Life time Experience

Have you ever thought of living in Burj Khalifa? Have you ever thought how it likes to be living in the world tallest building? Can you imagine the faces of people you invite to your home if you are living in the most prestigious location in the world? Well, all of this looks dreamy for most of us.

living in burj khalifa

Burj Khalifa Apartments

There are 900 apartments in Burj Khalifa for residential purpose. Not many people know that Burj Khalifa was basically built with the intention of being strictly residential in the early planning stage. There are four sections dedicated for residential purposes.

Armani Residence 9-16 Floors
1st Residential Section 19-37 Floors
2nd Residential Section 44-72 Floors
Top Most Residential Section 77-108 Floors

To reach your apartment at burj khalifa you may need to take more than two elevators but there are 58 elevators and the fastest elevator is the fastest in the world. Switching elevators seems a little complicated and time consuming at first but it is not as much you are thinking. Most of the time it is a matter of fewer than 5-10 minutes.

One of Resident who owns an apartment at 98th floor with husband told that “The first time we (my husband and I) came here we felt things were a bit complicated. The second time, it felt a less complicated and the third time, we said, ‘let’s live here’. We do need to switch lifts to reach our apartments since we stay on the 98th floor. Although it is not something one does regularly, but one gets used to it after a time. The view from our apartment is breathtaking!”

See more Burj Khalifa pictures from Inside and Top Floor View.

Burj Khalifa Facilities for Residents

Burj Khalifa Highest Outdoor Deck

Living in Burj Khalifa is like partially living in a hotel. If you are a resident of Burj Khalifa you can enjoy the five-star hotel facilities like SPA, Swimming Pool, etc. And that is all absolutely free for residents.

Burj Khalifa offers many facilities like having a meal at the World’s Highest Restaurant, Swimming at the 2nd highest swimming pool. There is also a market, tennis court, fitness club, resident library, yoga & massage centers and even Night Clubs in the building. There are actually two nightclubs in the building. One in the basement floor and the other is the highest nightclub in Dubai at the 144th floor which is also the highest nightclub in the world. And as being the resident of the building you are treated as a VIP.

Experience of Living in Burj Khalifa

View from Burj Khalifa Room

Most of all are that View from the Burj Khalifa apartments is amazing especially if you are living on the top residential section. Last year New York Times published a series about what it’s like to live in some of the world’s glitziest skyscrapers. Here are some statements shared by residents.

  • “I could watch entire storms pass by.”
  • “Outside our door, high up in the Burj Khalifa, we board one of the tower’s 57 elevators and are catapulted even higher, to the 123rd floor, as if we were weightless objects being effortlessly lifted through the air.”
  • “Our ears adjust several times as we speed along at almost 60 feet a second.”
  • “We have our coffee in the wood-paneled residents’ library, elegantly carpeted with designs mimicking the undulations of dunes and the wispy serifs of Arabic calligraphy.”
  • “As we enter the lobby we are greeted with a calm-invoking aroma. Our posture shifts as we relax and breathe in the air of refinement.”
  • “The Burj Khalifa was designed with Middle Eastern influences in mind, drawing on patterns from traditional Islamic architecture, like the mashrabiya window lattices that screened families from the harsh desert sun and provided privacy in dense villages.”
  • “This is a building that calls us to be personally reflective in spaces of pure harmony and to be grand in our own aspirations, just as the building is itself.”

Cost of Living in Burj Khalifa

As you may be expected living in Burj Khalifa certainly is not the cheapest thing. According to researched released by Arabian Business earlier this year. The price of the cheapest apartments in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa has soared to nearly AED 5,000/sqft which is almost USD $1,400 / sq ft. Also find some latest listening for Burj Khalifa on or

Living in Burj Khalifa Video

The video below gives you a resident’s perspective of living in Burj Khalifa as well as information on the community. Make it your home and have something to remember for the rest of your life.

Dubai Explorer

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