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More than Million had travelled on Dubai Metro since its launched

More than one million passengers have traveled far in Dubai Metro, according to Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) official.

The authority said that until September 25, 1,018,030 passengers used Dubai Metro on Saturday and traveled only 52,000 people.

During Eid, which marks the largest number of passengers per day on board the Metro at any given time, most passengers were visitors from other emirates, as well as foreign tourists ?.

During the Eid September 20 to 22 passengers rode the Metro 266.671.

Peyman Younes Parham, RTA’s director of marketing and corporate communications department, said the joy, the pilots still considers the greatest number of passengers on the Metro.

“The Metro has exceeded our expectations,” Parham.

“We are pleased with the number of passengers and more educational campaigns to teach the proper use of subway passengers will be organized soon.”

He said the Station Mall America topped the list for the service followed by 192,585 passengers Rashidiya Station with 147,741 passengers and Khalid Bin Al Waleed station ? 138,720 passengers.

Nakheel Harbor and Tower handled 122,997 passengers, 108,467 Al Ittihad station, 99,871 Deira City Center, Financial Center station 70,973, 62,621 Rigga Station, 41,674 passengers Jafliya Station and Airport Station T-3 is in last place with 32,381 passengers.

Parham called on the Dubai Metro users to be considerate, to avoid rushing to get aboard the train, and carefully read the instructions and advice prepared by specialists Railway Agency.

He said passengers should not riot on the doors of the Metro, as it was the main reason for slowing down of passengers alighting and boarding.

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