Dubai Fog Recorded on Camera [Video]

Today early morning Dubai and most of UAE hit by thick fog making visibility down to 100 meters or less. According to National Center of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) “Thick fog descended in the early hours of Thursday with parts of Liwa and Dafrah region beign the worst hit, along with Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway, Khalifa City and area surrounding Al Maktoum Airport reporting “moderate delays” in the flight schedule.

thick fog in Dubai

According to drivers traveling early morning, the visibility on Sheikh Zayed Road after the Dubai World Trade Center roundabout was not more than 200-250 meters around 7:30am. Dubai Police and Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) reported several accidents in Dubai and Sharjah. Dubai Police and RTA tweeted: “Accident between several vehicles on the Dubai-Al Ain Road, before Merghem Bridge, towards Al Ain. Please drive with caution.” and “Multiple accidents Sharjah Southbound, on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road. Between Amman Street and Baghdad Street.”

NCMS forecast that clouds will remain low almost whole day on Thursday and scattered low clouds may will appear over eastern mountains area in afternoon. Weather will be mild during day time and will be relatively cold by night time.