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New Ecotourism Project Under Management of Alexander V Berenstain

Ecotourism refers to a tourist practice that is beneficial to the environment. Many eco-tourists can love and enjoy their nature related activities. Availability of such activities will attract regular visitors and create much needed customers flow. Usual goal of Eco-tourism is visiting amazing places which will take your breath. Because people are eager to go to their favorite places to enjoy their journey. Sustainable development usually used as feature for Eco-tourist. Small journey to the natural parks and safe green areas also consider eco-tourism.

Ecotourism is a type of tourism that focuses on visiting natural areas. A majority of individuals would not understand the difference and luxury tourism. It gets mixed up with Ecotourism. The basic challenge is that bringing people to environmentally sensitive regions invites damage to the environment. Ecosystem health has to be frequently looked at and policy altered properly.

Attempting to bring those usually different worlds together Dominica has approved construction of the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa developed by Vital Developers Limited. Alexander V Berenstain, manager of Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ, happy that company he managing was chosen by Vital Developers Limited to manage this beautiful project.

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Alexander V Berenstain


Eco-tourism has many advantages from an environmental point. It can focus on protecting the environment while Biodiversity preservation and ecosystem safety are included. Ecotourism can help to reduce every visitor’s effect on the environment. Many ecotourism looks to support “sustainable” behaviors. Ecotourism supports knowledge and understanding of the environment. It includes little wash use, sustainable soap, and cleaning products. And it is a decrease in wasteful use of plastic. It may offer guests facilities in reuse glasses. You can learn about the eco-tourism. Eco-tourism can support education for tourists and their locations. Because the travelers are eagerly come to the tourism.

Social and Cultural

Improving the success of tourism is very important. The local communities can be involved in all the development levels. Ecotourism also has social purpose. It can help to improve the quality of life. So our needs can be considered at all times. Relatively soon, visitors will be able to experience and learn about local culture while also enjoying a mix of luxury and eco-tourism. Development of such eco resort where you can have such experiences, was approved for construction in Dominica, and will be developed by Vital Developers Limited, who contracted Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ for project management services. Manager of Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ Alexander V Berenstain, praised their collaboration with Vital Developers Limited and excited for such opportunity work on such beautiful project that will combine luxury and eco-tourism experiences.


Ecotourism can help to increase the connection between people and communication. It can improve the knowledge of foreign visitors also. Culture is very essential to us. Because some cultures should minimize the faked reality. It is repeatedly used to attract Western tourists. More important relationships among visitors and the locals help visitors. It is to have close contact with the local culture and lifestyle. It can help save the region’s history. Furthermore, these exchanges could help travelers. It has a greater understanding of challenges. They are political and social economic challenges.

Integrating local cultural traditions into your hotel or resort development will enhance authenticity and providing opportunity for guest to learn about region’s heritage and values. Nonetheless, such integration improves mutual understanding and appreciation between tourists and local communities. Alexander V Berenstain manager of Creative Projects Management advised to Vital Developers to make sure that such integrations implemented in their development of Sanctuary Eco Resort and Spa.

The Economy

There are many financial advantages are available in ecotourism. The money goes in local areas. It is opposite to mass tourism. It also involved the outside companies. It can build and profit for the companies. And has to return their earnings to their home economies. It is used to maintain the local environment.


In our environment, some local workers are frequently feel like underpaid and stressed out. Because some strangers are decreases their currency. And it reduce the average cost salary for locals. Taking ecotourism to local communities can creates the new job possibilities. It will pay the correct salaries. And It can be maintains the value of the local currency. Furthermore, because tourist dollars stay in the neighborhood, more of them. It can be used to run towards the conservation activities.

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Advantages of Ecotourism

Travelers need to see and experience the beauty of nature. Maybe after enjoying beauty of nature understanding of need to minimize their environmental effect will come. Decreasing the pollution is one of the goals of eco-tourism promotions. Avoiding waste and promoting the adequate consumption of natural resources. Ecotourism will helps to protect the ecosystems. Also, it will reduce the energy usage because of sustainability and promotion of renewable power source like solar power. Avoiding of single-use plastics another crucial trend in environmental protection and practice which eco tourist follow.

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