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Dubai Mall Has Become the World’s Most-Visited Destination

With a record 75 million visitors in 2013 Dubai Mall has become the worlds most-visited destination. Worlds Largest Mall is winning the award since 2011. Dubai Mall saw a 15% growth in visitor numbers during 2013 with an average 6.25 million visitors per month.

dubai mall worlds most visited destination

Dubai Mall became the Worlds Most-Visited Destination in 2011 first time with 54 million visitors and then again 65 million visitors in 2012. Retail outlets at Shopping and Entertainment hub of Dubai recorded 26% rise in sales during 2013 compare to last year. According to the report 50% of luxury goods sold in Dubai were purchased at the Dubai Mall with more than 40% of buyers were tourists. Majority of the visitors are from Saudi Arabia and other Middle-East Countries along with China, Russia, India and European Countries.

dubai mall worlds most visited destination

Abdulla Lahej, CEO of Emaar Properties, shows his excitement to reporters when asked, He said: “The record visitor arrival to The Dubai Mall in 2013 is a powerful statement that seals Dubai’s reputation globally as a business and leisure hub. The socio-economic impact of the mall on the Emirate’s economy is tremendous, having generated more than 25,000 jobs and consistently driving the growth of the city’s retail, leisure, and hospitality sectors – the core contributors to Dubai’s GDP.”

He added: “Contributing significantly to Emaar’s recurring revenues, thus adding value to our stakeholders, the mall’s sustained success demonstrates the vision of His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to create a truly world-class city.”

Nasser Rafi, CEO of Emaar Malls Group, said: “The surge in visitor arrivals and the growth in retail sales are indicators not just of the popularity of the mall but also of Dubai as a preferred destination for shopping and luxury lifestyle experiences.”

Top 5 Worlds Most Visited Shopping Malls in 2013

1. Dubai Mall – 75 million
2. Mall of America – 40 million
2. Bullring Birmingham UK – 40 million
3. Intu Trafford Centre UK – 30 million
4. Part Dieu Lyon France – 29.4 million
5. West Edmonton Mall Canada – 28 million

Having established Dubai as a global fashion capital, Emaar properties are now further enhancing the fashion and lifestyle choices at the mall with the expansion of the Fashion Avenue by another one million square feet, which will add 150 new brands to the mall. Emaar properties already have started working on it.

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