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Akmal Mamarakhimov from the Surkhandarya Region of Uzbekistan Gifted a New School to Children

Unlike the times before, this year, the Day of Knowledge in Uzbekistan’s far southern settlement of Angor was celebrated not in a dilapidated school of antediluvian times but in a completely new and modern building. In just under three months, the rickety building of the village school was utterly demolished, and a modern building capable of accommodating up to 300 students was erected in its place. The work on the reconstruction of the school building was carried out at the expense of funds allocated by the Uzbek businessman Akmal Mamarakhimov, who made his wealth cultivating rice.

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In June of this year, a journalist called Nikita Makarenko wrote an article about the deplorable state of the community school in the Angor settlement. Residents of the village sent a photograph of said school with its leaky roof and cracked walls to the editorial office. However, the building being in this condition was not surprising, as one of the premises in which the school was located was built in 1905.

Soon, businessman Akmal Mamarakhimov reacted to Nikita’s publication, saying that he would bear all the costs of demolishing the school and constructing a new one in its place.

It is worth noting that this was not the first charity event on the part of a businessman. It has become a tradition for Mamarakhimov to give children a reason to rejoice on September 5th – a day when, coincidentally, the entrepreneur celebrates his birthday.

According to Makarenko, the opening of the new school building took place in a festive atmosphere. The ceremony was attended by the head of the village, the head of the district education department, and representatives of the district’s public.

Speaking at the event, the head of the village, Urunbay Tadjiboev, noted that as soon as Mr. Mamarakhimov learned about the deplorable state of the school, he immediately gave orders to the construction company.

The newly built school has a modern sports ground and computer rooms. All classrooms are equipped with modern furniture. In addition, a new school building was erected.

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