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Ladies-only bus service in Dubai has shut down

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has shut down its ladies-only bus service due to a lack of passengers.

“The ladies-only bus service, which was launched on April 10, was stopped last month after recording very low demand,” a senior official at the RTA’s Public Transport Agency told Gulf News.

The RTA started a dedicated ladies-only service from Muhaisnah (near Lulu Village) to Satwa via Muraqqabat Road, Deira City Centre, Karama and the World Trade Centre Interchange taking into account the increasing number of female passengers on this route. It was not a day-long bus service but was available at certain times.

“Buses on this route continue to operate, but now are open to both male and female passengers,” the official added.

The route which was named ‘L55’ for ladies-only buses, has been renamed Route 55. Normal buses have 12 seats in the dedicated women-only section.

Meanwhile, the RTA has launched a new bus route called X63.

“The new route, X63, starts from a point near Workers Residential Blocks of Dubai Municipality at Al Qusais, and ends at Al Qouz Industrial Area 3 passing through Emirates Road and Al Khail Road,” said Mohammad Al Hashemi, Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

Commuters wait for a bus to take on passengers. While new bus routes have been added, the Roads and Transport Authority has cancelled the Ladies-only buses, due to a lack of demand. The number of ladies seats on a normal bus is just 12.

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