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80% of Investors Plans to Increase Investment in Dubai

According to a new survey released by the Foreign Investment Office of Dubai Economic Department shows that more than 80% of investors are planning to maintain or increase their investment in Dubai. This shows investors high level confidence on Dubai economic.

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Almost half of the investors who are planning to increase their investments in Dubai will reinvest in their current businesses. 29% of investors planning to start joint ventures with local partners and 14% planning to acquire shares in local companies to grow their presence in market.

Chief executive of Foreign Investment Office(FIO), Fahad Al Gergawi said: “The general rule that the current investor is essential to future investment flows appears to hold true in Dubai. This is especially important in times of global turbulence when many investors seek new opportunities”.

The report reveals that telecommunications and utilities are more attractive for investors than other sectors.

Dubai is also a top 10 choice amongst executives from the financial services industry, being the sixth-most important destination globally for future investments.

Non-financial service executives, representing companies from fields such as transportation, business services, health care, legal services and education, rank Dubai among the global top 20 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) destinations.

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  • Yes! I agree with the above article that most of the investors from around the world are really interested in increasing their investment in Dubai due to its high economic rate and uncomparable oil resources.

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