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The Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Video Production

There’s no denying the importance of corporate video production; for decades, businesses have used movies to attract and train staff, market new goods, and tell their brand’s narrative to the world.

However, corporate videos have gone a long way since the wacky and odd training videos of the 1990s, and they’re no longer simply for employees or other firms to view behind the scenes.

Because of the rise of YouTube and social media, B2B video marketing is in the spotlight, and there’s no better time to brush up on your skills and discover industry best practises.

However, not everyone can create high-quality video material, and there are certain basic video production principles to bear in mind. We’ll go through some of the areas where you should concentrate your efforts in order to improve your video production skills.

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Dos of the Corporate Video Production

Here are the top dos of the corporate video production:

DO Keep the Right Length

The one thing you must pay close attention to is how you time your films. It’s one of the most important aspects of your video’s success. Keep your videos to a sensible length, just long enough to deliver the video’s point but not too long.

DO Add A Call to Action

No matter how engaging and immersive your video is, it’s simple to lose sight of it once it’s finished. Your call to action should be placed at the end of the video so that your audience recalls what you want them to do.

DO Know What You Want

It is critical to have a defined idea or scope for your video to work well. “It’s critical to know what you want to get out of the video. If you don’t figure it out before you start filming or scripting, your final result will be all over the place” Quoted by Mr. David, a video creation specialist from AK Films, a prominent video production company in Dubai.

DO Avoid Information Overload

Stick to the material that is vital to your message and never wander from it. Finding one pain point or issue for which there is an audience and then offering a solution is the best way to go about it.

DO Plan Your Budget

It is critical to establish a budget. Depending on your objectives, a corporate video can take many different shapes. You’ll need a well-defined budget, personnel resources, and time to get there.

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Donts of the Corporate Video Production

Here are the donts of the corporate video production.

DON’T Push Too Hard

The five-second call to action window is the only time in your video where you can tell your viewers to buy your product. Anything more than that appears cheesy and overdone. If you continually telling your audience to buy your goods, they’ll get tired of hearing it.

DON’T Rush

Every step of the manufacturing process necessitates a certain amount of time. Because pre-production (scripting and storyboarding) is the foundation of a video, rushing it can lead to problems with production (execution), and your final product may suffer as a result.

DON’T Ignore Script’s Importance

The story and script of a video are crucial to its success. Even if you’re simply making a minute-long film, you should still create a compelling storey. People are seeking for more than simply bling and beauty. The majority of people want to see something with content.

DON’T Rely on Amateurs for Voiceovers

While it may be tempting to save money by doing your voice-overs in-house, it has the potential to backfire. Your corporate video will look more professional with voice-overs. Remember, you’re not making a family flick. Instead, Try a realistic text to speech tool to create and add professional voice-overs to your videos.

DON’T Sell Aggressively in a Video

The call to action is the sole line in a video where you can tell a customer to buy your goods or service. That concludes your 5-second time limit. The remainder of the video must be focused on your intended audience. Videos that attempt to push a product aggressively will not convert effectively. They have the potential to tarnish the brand’s image.

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