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The Future is Animation: Why Dubai is a Hub for Animation Excellence

Dubai is the future! Courtesy of its tech-driven creative industry, Dubai is the new animation hub of the world’s highly advanced advertising industry. And, If all sounds new to you, then, you might be living under a rock. Dubai has set a dedicated Creative Economy Strategy that has an objective to develop the Emirate as a global capital for creative innovation. It has picked up some pace.

And, that strategy has been in place since 2019, eager to achieve a 5% GDP contribution from the creative sector of Dubai by 2025. It was already 2.7% during 2019. So, the creative industry is doing fantastic, and there’s no doubt that the potential of the animation market will grow too.

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Dubai as a Animation Hub in the World

Besides being a powerful tool for communication, animation holds its significance in the realm of storytelling, and creative advertising. And, there’s no doubt that Dubai being an international hub is home to some of the most fascinating animation companies of the world.

Just as we say, the present of technology and entrepreneurship is Dubai, we can say the same for the future of the creative industry. Not only will the landscape provide the best-paying jobs, but also attract creative houses from around the world.

Here are five exciting reasons that make Dubai a major hub for creatives working in animation, and video production.

1. Mission to Advance in Tech

Dubai has a mission to not only advance in tech, but to build an infrastructure that is attractive and equally sustainable for investors all over the world. This objective will surely foster the growth of the entertainment industry as well.

There are a lot of companies in Dubai that have taken the leap with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), giving animators the opportunity to explore new ways to unveil a story.

Access to the latest Tech
What makes Dubai’s animation landscape ideal for investment is the fact that companies in the Emirate have full access to the latest graphic, and animation technology. And, the infrastructure will only improve in the years to come. So, the production of an animation company Dubai is likely to be the best.

The access to state-of-the-art production facilities is also in-line with the initiative of Smart city. That means unlike many countries, Dubai can quickly position itself as one of the most advanced, and sustainable media centers in the world, where animation and VFX studios report the least carbon emissions globally.

2. Remarkable Leadership, and Solid Investments

The leadership in the Emirates has been lauded throughout decades. Not just for minimizing reliance on the oil economy, but in fact, making strategic investments that will bear the fruit in the longer run.

One of the key sectors that have flourished recently is the creative industry. Courtesy of state-of-the-art animation studios, Dubai is all set to provide us the infrastructure for a more sustainable future of the creative industry.

Wait a minute, you might be wondering, this sounds too far-fetched. Doesn’t it?

Well, how about some numbers to back that up? In 2022 alone, Dubai recorded an astronomical inflow of more than 7 billion AED in its capital and cultural industries. That’s a massive number for FDI flows in the MENA region. It leaves Dubai as the top city for FDI inflow in the creative sector. Whereas it currently rests at 12th position globally. That’s truly a remarkable feat for any city that is just starting to show potential for growth.

Guided by visionary leaders, Dubai has strategically positioned itself as a global player in the animation industry, drawing top talent and fostering an innovative environment. These investments have not only propelled the local animation scene but have also created a magnet for international collaborations and partnerships.

3. Cultural Diversity and Inspiration

Dubai’s unique cultural landscape serves as a wellspring of inspiration for animators, offering a melting pot of diverse cultures, traditions, and stories.

Animators in Dubai leverage this rich tapestry to create content blending the old with the new, resonating with global audiences.

The UAE’s commitment to diversity is evident in its welcoming approach to individuals from various cultural backgrounds, reflecting in both animation narratives and diverse artistic styles.

4. Educational Initiatives and Talent Development

Dubai prioritizes nurturing local talent through robust educational initiatives. Leading animation schools offer comprehensive programs covering both artistic and technical aspects.

Comprehensive Animation Education Programs
These initiatives equip animators with industry-relevant skills, fostering a culture of collaboration and ensuring a steady influx of skilled professionals.

5. International Collaborations and Global Reach

Dubai being an international hub for the media industry successfully fosters collaborations among international studios. As a center between the East and West, it is the bridge that connects the world’s best studios with the most competitive, and seasoned artists, and designers.

Talent that is nurtured in the Emirates is exposed to meaningful cross-cultural exchanges, thus making it easier for employers to take them on board, and help them familiarize with a global perspective to business and art, yet with a diverse, and original style. Therefore, a Video animation agency in Dubai is home to the finest talent in the animation and design industry.

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Wrap up

Let’s wrap this one up, Dubai’s on the rise not just as an international hub of capital, but also the future of the animation industry. In this blog, we highlighted five important reasons that make Dubai a remarkable place for animation studios.

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