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6 Exquisite Rugs in Dubai that are Essential for Your Living Room

We all are familiar with the adverb; home is where the heart is! Uncurling on the bed or our favorite couch is our favorite thing to do for relaxing and unwinding after a hectic day at work. Interiors play a vital role in making a house and adding flavor. Rugs are the best option when it comes to a cozy space. There are many options to choose from, and Rugs Dubai is one of the best types you can choose from.

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Exquisite Rugs in Dubai for Your Living Room

Rugs for Living Room

Following are the six exquisite rugs in Dubai that are essential for redefining your living room space.

1. Shaggy Rugs

The Shaggy rugs are made from the softest material. This material comes in varied patterns, which can blend well with any type of surroundings. These shaggy rugs are exquisite, and they have a pile that doesn’t stand upright, giving the carpet a distinctive shaggy look. Unlike flat weaves, these shag rugs have a very soft texture. This makes these rugs exquisite and ultra-comfortable to walk on. Walking on these rugs is an experience in itself. If you want to indulge in comfort, you can choose Rugs Dubai, known for its exquisite rugs.

2. Jute and Bamboo Rugs

These rugs have gained the limelight in the home décor area. These rugs look chic, sophisticated and elegant. They bring a coastal vibe to your living room. They are the perfect addition to the vast spaces. You can sprawl over these rugs under your center table and have a good time!

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3. Vintage Rugs

These rugs have multiple patterns; the best part about them is that they blend in with any interior. They are prevalent in various patterns, which have trinkets on the side. These vintage rugs make your room look compact and classy. Vintage rugs in Dubai represent a trend which has achieved a crossover between home décor and fashion. They are made from natural materials such as cotton, wool or silk.

4. Area Rugs

These rugs are exquisite, and they are made of woven materials. These rugs are often available in a circular or rectangular form, while the others come in irregular shapes. Area Rugs Dubai is a favourite type of rug, as it has a sound-damping effect. This means that these rugs help to reduce noise. The most appealing part of these area rugs is that they are very portable and lightweight. In addition, these rugs help to trap warmth, thus making your space feel cozier.

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5. Dhurrie Rugs

A Dhurrie rug is a hand-woven carpet which is very durable. It comes in various colours and brings perfect bohemian vibes to your abode. These rugs reek of exuberance; if your abode has contemporary and lively décor elements, they can blend in well and are quick to clean. Dhurrie rugs make a perfect addition to a living room.

6. Hand-tufted Rugs

It is the type of rug which is made by beating up the wool strands. Later on, these rugs stretched on a frame. These types of rugs are most suited to domestic environments. Many people go for Hand-tufted Rugs Dubai, which are the most exquisite rugs.

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