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Fire Broke out at Famous Baithal Ravi Restaurant in Dubai

Fire broke out in Baithal Ravi Restaurant, one of the most popular restaurant in Dubai located on Al Musalla Road in Bur Dubai area on Tuesday afternoon. According to the reports entire upper floor was destroyed however, there wasn’t much damage reported on ground floor. Fortunately no casualty or injuries have been reported as well.

Baithal Ravi Restaurant Bur Dubai

Though there isn’t any official statement released by Dubai Police yet. However, restaurant’s staff suggested electric short circuit in the newly installed electrical signage caused the fire. Staff members while speaking to reporters that everyone was evacuated immediately and no one was injured.

fire at Ravi Restaurant Bur Dubai

One staff member who asked not to be named, said: “It was horrifying. The fire broke out around 2.30pm. People were having lunch in the restaurant, while we were going about our business when someone suddenly screamed ‘fire!’. Those eating in the restaurant were quickly evacuated so no one was injured”.

fire at Ravi Restaurant Bur Dubai

When asked about the cause, he said: “It was a short circuit. At 2.30pm the lights in ‘Ravi’ signage board above the restaurant shorted and the fire began to spread upstairs. It all just went up in flames within minutes”.

Fire brigade and Police arrived immediately and get control over fire quickly saving ground floor and keeping flames spread with wind to the crowded shopping area. Restaurant is located at busy road which leads to popular shopping destination “Meena Bazaar”.

fire at Ravi Restaurant bur Dubai

Good news is that restaurant management has called all the staff members for clean-up all the mess. However, no timeline has given yet for re-opening and also no damage estimation has given as well. We hope that it will re-open very soon and serve us with delicious foods once again.

fire at Ravi Restaurant bur Dubai

Baithal Ravi Restaurant is famous for Pakistani and Indian cuisines. With 50% Indian and 20% Pakistani residents in Dubai restaurant is popular for many regional dishes. However, it is not related at all to the original iconic Ravi Restaurant in Satwa which have totally different owners.

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