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6 Ideas on How to Build the Best Above-Ground Pool in Dubai

An above-ground pool can make for a fun experience at any time. Whether it be a rectangle above-ground pool, building your own above-ground pool in Dubai can create a relaxing experience on a hot day.

You can get creative by looking into above-ground pool landscaping ideas, even learning how to build a pool deck. When looking into above-ground pool installation, know things like “how much does it cost to build a pool?”

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Here are a few more things to consider.

How to Choose the Place to Install an Above-Ground Pool?

how to choose best place for above-ground pool

Before you can perform an above-ground pool installation, you should know about the above-ground pool installation cost. The place to install an above-ground pool is also important as location definitely matters.

If you don’t know how to install an above-ground pool, you can always have a professional do the job. Besides, you want to be certain that your above-ground pool is ready for enjoyment, not something that needs work on a regular basis.

Ideas on How to Build the Best Above-Ground Pool in Dubai

Best Idea of Above-Ground Pool

You may be looking for above-ground pool ideas for small yards. Or maybe above-ground pool deck ideas on a budget. What about above-ground pool landscaping ideas? A DIY above-ground pool can be done in a lot of ways.

1. Go Vintage
There’s nothing quite like a vintage look. Use a design from decades past to bring a unique look and feel to your above-ground pool.

2. Have the right heater
Start by looking into an above-ground pool heater. Going for a dip, particularly in a saltwater above-ground pool, can have a ton of benefits. You can even get innovative by implementing stock tank pool ideas for a plastic stock tank pool, or even a shipping container pool if you want to get truly unique.

3. Lights
Just make sure that you have above-ground pool lights. When you have pool lights for your above-ground pool, you can swim long after the sun has gone down. It creates the ideal situation. String up lights around the pool or even install above-ground pool lights around the perimeter.

4. Stock Tank
These are no-frills, originally meant to provide water for livestock. You can add filters, decking, and any other elements that you want. A stock tank goes up easily so even the most DIY among us can quickly and easily build one.

5. Decked-Out
You can also opt to build a deck around your above-ground pool. It creates the feel of an in-ground pool without the costs associated. A deck takes a little bit more work — and a lot more materials — but you can build a deck space that has the classic look that an in-ground pool doesn’t.

6. Rectangular
If you want to create a high-end feel, why not go rectangular? Great for swimming laps if you want to keep fit. You get the benefits of an in-ground pool without the costs. Even better, you can fit this design into even the most space-challenged yards.

How to Maintain an Above-Ground Pool

Maintenance of Above-Ground Pool

Part of above-ground pool maintenance is creating a pool maintenance schedule. Pool maintenance for beginners is relatively easy, like finding out the cost to maintain a pool. There are also a few other factors to look into.

Know how to vacuum an above-ground pool. Know how to winterize an above-ground pool. And know how to drain an above-ground pool. These are all important techniques to help you keep your above-ground pool clean and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Besides, proper maintenance can go a long way towards extending the life of your pool. That means getting more use out of your pool instead of having to replace the entire thing. Think about the money that can wind up saving you.

Pros and Cons of an Above-Ground Pool

Pros and Cons of Above-Ground Pool

What are the pros and cons of pool ownership? There are more than a few above-ground pool pros, though you need to know more about above-ground pool removal and deep above-ground pool ownership to really get comprehensive.

1. Easy to Install and Remove
First and foremost, it is easy to both install and removes above-ground pools. For DIYers that want to save a few bucks during the installation or removal, that can be an invaluable asset to have.

2. DIY is Easy Compare to in-ground Pool
If you wanted an in-ground pool, for instance, doing it DIY is almost impossible. There are so many aspects to that installation that you would only be able to have it done through a professional.

3. Very Affordable
They are also quite affordable. Take a look at the differences between an above-ground and in-ground pool and you would be shocked. Not only can you save tens of thousands by going with the former over the latter, but you can also save even more if you go with a DIY installation.

4. More Options
The cool thing is that you can also get a ton of extras for your above-ground pool while still coming in at a fraction of the cost of an in-ground pool.

5. Safer than in-ground Pools
Above-ground pools are also quite a bit safer than their in-ground counterparts. For one, they are much shallower than in-ground pools. That makes them perfect for younger children to enjoy.

6. Above Ground Pool have Less Value
That said, there are some downsides to having an above-ground pool. Unlike the in-ground version, an above-ground pool won’t help the value of your home. So, if you are thinking about installing an above-ground pool to help the value of your home, reconsider that choice.

7. Limited in Terms of Versatility
Not only that, you are limited in terms of versatility. Compared to in-ground pools, there are only a few extras that you can add. Not only that, you can generally only go to about 40 feet in width. Compared to in-ground pools, that is quite a bit less space to work with.

8. Look Cheaper
Finally, they can look a little on the cheap side. If you go with a lesser quality pool, it can actually bring down the aesthetic of your yard and make things look cheap. There are some higher-end options out there but the overall aesthetic suffers compared to in-ground pools. Still, the cost differences are huge. If you want to enjoy all that comes with a swimming pool, you can do so at a must more cost-effective rate with an above-ground pool. And that’s not mentioning the installation costs.


Having an above-ground pool can be a really awesome thing. Being able to take a dip whenever you want is a convenience that not everyone has. But there is more to owning a pool that you need to be aware of.

With proper maintenance and care, you can make sure that your above-ground pool stays in use for longer. That can mean all the difference in the world comes during summertime when the temperatures are soaring and things get a lot less comfortable.

With this guide, you can not only know what it costs to have a DIY above-ground pool in Dubai installation but how to properly maintain your pool for years to come.

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