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How to Check Hafilat Card Balance Online

Hafilat Card is a smart bus ticket for public transport buses in Abu Dhabi. You can buy a new Hafilat Card for AED 5 at the nearby bus station. After buying, you need to recharge it and Hafilat Card Balance Check from time to time.

Hafilat Card recharge is easy but checking balance is complicated. In case you want to know how to check Hafilat Card Balance then keep reading this post till end.

The Hafilat Card Balance Checking Process is important to know for every card holder. Because you can travel in Abu Dhabi buses only if you have enough balance on your Hafilat Card.

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Steps-by-Step Process of Hafilat Balance Check Online

Here I provide some simple steps to check balance of a Hafilat Card online as under.

Step:1 – Go to Hafilat Card Official Website from your device.

Step:2 – Click on “Recharge Card” option.

Step:3 – Enter your Hafilat Card Serial Number as printed at the bottom of your card.

Step:4 – Click on “OK” button to proceed.

Step:5 – Your Hafilat Card Balance is shown in Card Details.

Step:6 – Select recharge option if you want to recharge otherwise click on “Logout” to finish.

In this way, you can check your Hafilat Card Balance online in two minutes.

Alternative Method to Check Hafilat Card Balance

There are ticket vending machines at all bus stations in Abu Dhabi. You can swipe your card in a machine to buy ticket(s) for your trip. In addition, you can check Hafilat Card Balance in the ticket vending machine.

Types of Hafilat Card for Different Travelers

The Integrated Transport Center, Abu Dhabi provides various types of Hafilat Card for different travelers. Here I provide the types of Hafilat Card with cost and validity details as under.

Type of Hafilat Card Cost of Hafilat Card Hafilat Card Validity
Contactless Smart Ticket CST

(Temporary Use)

Free of Charge 30 Days
Contactless Smart Card Anonymous CSC

(Permanent Use)

AED 10 5 Years
Contactless Smart Card Personalized CSC

(Permanent Use)

AED 10 5 Years
Contactless Smart Card Senior Citizen CSC AED 5 5 Years
Contactless Smart Card Special Needs/Disabled CSC AED 5 5 Years
Contactless Smart Card Students AED 5 5 Years

After knowing various types of Hafilat Card, you should apply for a Hafilat Card that is suitable and applicable for you.

FAQs about How to Check Hafilat Card Balance

The Hafilat Card provides easy travel with quick bus ticket payments. When you use a bus to travel one location to the other in Abu Dhabi, you must have enough balance in your Hafilat Card. Here I provide some FAQs about Hafilat Card and their answers in brief.

Q.1 How to check balance in hafilat card?

You can check your Hafilat Card Balance by entering your card number at Hafilat Card Website and also in a ticket vending machine at nearby bus station.

Q.2 What is the minimum balance in Hafilat Card?

The minimum balance in Hafilat Card is AED 10. You cannot recharge your Hafilat Card below AED 10.

Q.3 How do I register my Hafilat Card online?

You can register your Hafilat Card online at Hafilat Card Website with your personal information.

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The Hafilat Card lets you travel through buses anytime, anywhere in Abu Dhabi. You should recharge your Hafilat Card whenever its balance is low. To know your Hafilat Card Balance, you can follow the online method I have explained above.

In case you are nearby a bus station, you can check your Hafilat Card Balance in a ticket vending machine. You should never travel in a bus without Hafilat Card otherwise you will have to pay penalty.