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5 Tips for Choosing Your First Travel Credit Card in Dubai

Travelling is rewarding in itself. By exploring new places, you broaden your knowledge of different cultures and traditions. You also get to meet more people and gain the chance to widen your social circle.

When you revisit your favourite places, you get to unwind and have fun. This allows you to forget your problems and escape your worries.

Whether you are travelling to a new place or returning to your favourite haunt, you get to relax and recharge. You will feel more empowered and confident when you go back to work and other usual activities.

Business trips are also pretty rewarding. You get the chance to experience the benefits of travelling for pleasure and, at the same time, achieve your goals for your company.

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Enjoying More Rewards During Your Travels

Although personal and business trips are fulfilling, there is another way you can make them more worthwhile, and that’s by getting the best travel credit card in the UAE.

When you become a frequent jet-setter, a travel rewards card can save you money on your trips. This type of card gives holders points on the amount they spend on flights, hotels, and other travel-related expenses.

You will also get plenty of rewards whenever you travel that you won’t get from other types of credit cards.
Since you can expect plenty of rewards when you have a travel credit card, you may likely get excited to apply for your first one.

This can cause you to make the huge mistake of applying for the wrong travel credit card.

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Things to Consider Before Applying for Travel Credit Card in Dubai

Applying for Credit Card in Dubai

If you want to get the best credit card in Dubai that suits your travel needs on your first application, you will do well to follow these tips:

1. Know the difference between the two primary types of travel credit cards

There are two main types of travel credit cards: co-branded and general.

Co-branded cards are co-sponsored by a credit card company and an airline or hotel chain. You can redeem the rewards only with the partner brand of the issuer.

Although the perks may be limited, you won’t be disappointed by the benefits and features since the rewards ensure you experience a higher level of comfort and convenience during your travels.

On the other hand, general travel credit cards allow you to earn points that you can use for any travel expense. You can use the points when booking flights and for other purchases.

If you prefer a particular airline or hotel chain or you have to use them since your company selects them, you have to apply for a co-branded card since you are sure to earn points and enjoy the rewards.

If you are not particular with the airlines you use and where to stay, you can enjoy more flexibility when you opt for a general card.

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2. Find a card with a low minimum spend requirement

Some credit card providers set a high minimum spend requirement you have to meet before you can have access to the rewards.

Although there are ways to meet this requirement, you don’t want to end up using your credit card all the time. It is best to get rewards through regular spending.

As such, look for a credit card with a minimum spend requirement that you can meet. Moreover, choose one that gives you a grace period you can work with so that you won’t have to rush using your new card.

This does not mean, though, that you steer clear of cards with high minimum spending requirements because they offer significant rewards. However, since it is your first time to apply for a travel credit card, it is best to start small to avoid encountering any challenges with your additional line of credit.

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3. Choose a card with an attractive signup offer

Since you travel a lot, you’ll want to enjoy the perks your new credit card offers as soon as possible. The best way to do this is to find a product that has an appealing welcome package.

The best travel credit card has a good signup bonus that can translate into a free round-trip flight or hotel stay within a few months.

To get the introductory bonus, you either make the required single purchase or meet the minimum spending threshold within the given period. Most travel credit cards offer signup reward points between 25,000 to 50,000 points.

This is a great perk to look forward to since you can get an instant balance of thousands of points within a short amount of time.

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4. Look for a travel credit card with low or no annual fees

Many banks and providers have cards that do not come with annual fees. Save more money by choosing one of these products.

If you find a card with no annual fees, find out if it is waived for life. Some providers only offer this during your first year of membership.

If the cards you prefer all come with annual fees, select one with the lowest rate. Also, find out if you can use your points to pay for them.

With this benefit, you won’t have to worry about paying an additional fee every year.

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5. Check the other offered perks

Lastly, before applying for your first travel credit card, look into the other benefits and rewards the card offers.

Aside from free hotel stays, other perks can include free seat upgrades and checked baggage, discounted or unrestricted entry into the airport lounge at airports, and priority boarding.

Some cards come with free travel insurance, rental car benefits, and roadside assistance. Additionally, there are products that do not charge foreign transaction fees.

Another feature worth checking with your potential new credit card is whether you will be rewarded for your regular spending. With this perk, even if you are not travelling, you can still earn points when you use your card to shop for your groceries every week or make other online purchases.

If a travel credit card offers this perk, you won’t need to get another card.

When applying for your first travel credit card in Dubai, do your comparison shopping thoroughly. Create a list of features, perks, and freebies that you deem important so that you can narrow down your options more efficiently.

Finally, compare your shortlisted products carefully so that aside from getting a line of credit that rewards you as you travel, you can also have the best lifestyle credit card in Dubai.

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