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The Best Way To Protect Your Company Data

The future is digital. This fact is becoming clearer day by day. Cloud computing and remote collaboration tools are making it easier and more cost-effective for employees to work remotely. Digitization has been a growing trend for a long time, and the events over the past year have made it an essential part of modern business practices.

Now that we have a “new normal,” it is likely that remote work is here to stay. While remote work has many benefits, there are also drawbacks. Businesses must consider the security risks of conducting operations remotely. In any environment where sensitive data is being created, stored, and shared, security must be a priority—and for many businesses, that environment has expanded far beyond the physical building.

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While employees are working from home, it is convenient for them to use their own personal devices for work. Businesses also have the option to provide employees with company-owned equipment. Either way, sensitive company data now resides on machines in all sorts of locations and networks, with unknown vulnerabilities and threats. As data is stored and accessed in diverse new environments, the importance of strong data security only increases.

Businesses should always have the ability to control access to their data, which includes knowing and managing where that data exists. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is one way to counteract some of the risks of remote work. Many MDM solutions have security features that enable data protection, allowing businesses to take steps to prevent and mitigate security incidents. There are plenty of options available for endpoint security, and a good cybersecurity program will have multiple layers of protection, both virtual and physical.

Network security, disk encryption, and geolocation are all helpful tools for remotely managing company devices. But what happens when a device is lost or stolen and a malicious actor has physical access to it? Complex passwords and encryption may keep an attacker out for a while, but executing a Remote Wipe is the most effective solution.

Remote Wipe is a powerful way to thwart malicious actors who gain access to a device. You have no way of knowing how technologically skilled the thief might be, so completely erasing a compromised device is the best data breach protection. Any unauthorized access to private data can result in steep costs—reputation, time, money, resources, and productivity are all at stake. It is important to be certain that one compromised device is not going to lead to a data breach. This certainty is only possible with effective, reliable remote management capabilities that you can employ at a moment’s notice.

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Company Data Protection

Do what is best for your business. If you have a remote workforce, make sure you are empowered to protect confidential company data. Use anti-theft laptop software to ensure your devices and data are secure in the event of loss or theft. Prevent data breaches with a robust security solution that will give you control over your data and who can access it.

The new normal unfortunately comes with new and more pervasive threats to the security of business operations around the world. Although globalization and digitization have their benefits, businesses must find solutions that will reduce the risks of having a remote work environment.

Don’t wait for an incident to happen before taking action to protect your company’s integrity. Your company data is valuable, and it deserves the best security.

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