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Importance of Strengthening Trade Unions in Each Company

For healthy industrial relations, efforts must be made to strengthen trade unions. In this case, nonprofit search firms position is to encourage, condition, and facilitate workers in all companies to have strong trade unions. The existence of trade unions can be a media to fight for the welfare of workers, such as making agreements on collective labor agreements between workers and companies.

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Why Need Trade Unions?

The government needs to encourage trade unions or trade unions in each company to form a collective work agreement agreed by workers and employers. Signing collective labor agreements is an important momentum for building conducive industrial relations.

Trade unions can also conduct training in improving worker competency and establishing workers’ cooperatives.

World Bank data states that the level of employee satisfaction with their work in companies that have collective labor agreements reaches 96 percent. That is, the existence of a collective labor agreement is very good for the company and its workers.

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Organization Development Strategies for Trade Unions

As a non-profit organization, several things must be implemented to create a good trade union to contribute to the defense and welfare of workers/laborers by implementing four organizational development strategies.

  • First, solidarity and organizational solidity. This means that the Pakejra union or labor union must be able to function optimally.
  • Second, to form quality and competent human resources.
  • Third, improve services and cut regulations and simplify bureaucracy that is not in line with today’s challenges.
  • Fourth, how government regulations can be implemented in the community and legislation can be implemented in its members.

Do not let the laws and regulations only camouflage, but in its implementation can not be done properly. Of course, it is expected that the laws and regulations can provide protection and welfare for its members

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Building Good and Strong Trade Union

Building a good trade union must start at the right time. The best time to build a union is when there is no conflict between workers and companies. The reason was that the trade unions that appeared at the time of the conflict seemed to only provide resistance to the company. Therefore, when the company has no problems, it must be initiated to form a trade union to accommodate the interests of workers and employers

To build a strong trade union in a company needs to be conditioned so that the amount is not too much. Establishing a trade union is the right of every worker. However, based on experience, the smaller the number of unions in a company, the stronger they are in negotiating with companies.

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Challenges of Trade Unions

In facing the challenges of the company in the future, the company needs to prepare a transformation scheme to deal with changes in the industry as a result of digital technology. If the transformation scheme is clear, the company already has anticipation, so that it can treat workers according to changes in existing technology. Besides, there must be good communication between employers and workers to get the best solution in dealing with the impact of digital technology.

Therefore, the agreement contained in the collective labor agreement will have an important meaning because it will succeed what the company faces in the future.

Between the elements of leadership and workers can jointly increase productivity by maximizing harmony between workers with the company’s strategy, one way is to conduct a dialogue between management and workers periodically.

To create a good trade union, it needs to be affirmed about the functions of trade union officials who must have qualified quality and be able to manage industrial relations in a credible and accountable manner. For this reason, credible people incompetent and professional industrial relations are needed, not only coaching competencies, but also implementation competencies needed by practitioners such as trade union officers. Administrators must also equip themselves with holistic substantive abilities and good English language skills.

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To optimize the function of trade unions, it is necessary to form a monitoring team of collective work agreements that represent representations from the various regions where the company is expanding, so that all aspirations of workers can be accommodated.

With representatives from each region, of course, it is expected that all aspirations of workers can be accommodated, so that information can reach all relevant parties, both management and workers.

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