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The Major Influence of Roman Numbers And Their Procedure

There are various languages and cultures to represent numbers in our life. But not all of them are universal or taught in schools. One such method of writing numbers is with the help of roman numerals. As the name suggests this number system has an age-old history. It has existed in our society for decades and has extreme significance. The major feature of this system is that you get to use the alphabet. It makes the long numbers much shorter and you can write instantly. But when you see the topic in-depth, there are various strategies to write them.

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A Basic Overview of this Number System

Students usually need ten digits to represent numbers in Maths. But with roman numerals, you can make it much shorter. The major alphabets that you will need are I, X, D, etc. You need to combine them in such a way that it forms a long chain of numbers. Once you learn the process you can write any number you want to. However, you may have to repeat one alphabet again and again. For example, you may want to write the number twelve. For that, first write down the ten’s place with the letter ‘X’. Since ‘I’ represents the one you need to write two times next to X. Then you will get the answer as ‘XII’ for the question.

Basic Rules to Follow

Unlike other numbers, you cannot write whatever comes to your mind here. There are fixed algorithms that students must learn while using this. First, you have to learn what the basic alphabet measures up to. For example, the letter V means 5 in the Roman numeral system. There are some limitations when you have to repeat the letters here. You cannot repeat them more than three times as it will make everything clustered. Symbols like D, L, and V can be written only once in the entire process.

After that, you just have to compare the value of the alphabets. Their position in the number depends on which of them is greater. You may find that one alphabet is smaller than the other and is placed on its right side. You will have to immediately add them up to get the final value of the number. In case you find that it is situated on its left, you have to subtract from the bigger alphabet. This is the most basic process that students can use to find out the roman version of a number.

How to Convert them?

For the conversion, you have to use the same strategy. First figure out the main alphabet which has the biggest value. It can either be L, D, etc. Since you know the value of this you can write them directly. After that, you need to write the values of the smaller ones side by side. Now the question arises whether to add or subtract these numbers from the main one. The right-hand alphabets are added and the left ones are differentiated from it. The final solution will give you the exact numerical value.

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Stages where you will need this System

This is not something that students must learn to score more marks. It has a lot of heritage and has existed in our life for a long period. It makes it simpler to read and write numbers in real life as well. Besides, the algorithms and principles help students to sharpen their skills. It allows them to analyze different situations and use the method accordingly. Students understand the importance of place value in this topic. The students should also know about the importance of e-learning educational system that how e-learning are bringing the change in the educational system.

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