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Top 6 Landscaping Features for Commercial Properties in Dubai

A well-designed and well-kept lawn can significantly enhance the appeal and success of commercial properties. A manicured, beautiful landscaping features for commercial properties in Dubai provides a welcoming environment for your clients or customers and employees. Its lush greenery and attractive features add charm to your property and contribute to a sense of professionalism.

With the help of a reliable landscaping service, you can have an outdoor area you and your team can use for meetings, events and other types of gatherings. It can also serve as a peaceful retreat for your employees during breaks.

A beautiful lawn can improve the overall image, atmosphere and functionality of your commercial property, giving you a more inviting and productive workplace.

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Essential Landscaping Features for Commercial Properties in Dubai

Landscaping for Commercial Properties in Dubai

If you want to have a lovely lawn that makes your property more inviting and functional, make sure you have these landscaping features:

1. Walkways

Having a clearly defined entrance is crucial to attracting customers or clients since it gives them the right direction to your business premises and ensures their safety.

Create a walkway, pathway or sidewalk for everyone to use to enter your premises. Work with your landscaping contractor to choose the right material to ensure these features stay safe and last long.

In general, pavers, natural stone and bricks improve traction and make it safe for people to walk on the pathway.
You can make the walkway more appealing and easier to identify by planting shrubs around it or lining it with uniform planters.

Install lighting along the walkways as well to improve their visibility at night and increase safety on your grounds.

2. Plants and Trees

Plants add color to your commercial property, boosting its curb appeal effortlessly and making it more welcoming and relaxing. They help your business make a good impression on your customers or clients as well.

To have a low-maintenance, gorgeous lawn all year round, cultivate native and drought-tolerant plants on your property.

Date palm, arta and desert hyacinth are some of the native plants to the UAE that you can consider growing in your outdoor space. For drought-tolerant plants, opt for frangipani or plumeria, bougainvillea, tropical hibiscus and fan palm.

Your landscaping contractor can also help you choose other low-maintenance plants that can thrive in your outdoor space.

Once you have chosen which plants to grow, group foliage with similar colors, textures and heights together to give your lawn a cohesive look and make the landscape more fascinating.

3. Water Features

If you have a large front yard, a water feature can be a transformative addition to your commercial property.
The right water feature can complement your building and make your lawn more attractive.

A fountain, pond, or waterfall can give you a soothing and inviting outdoor space. The gentle sound of flowing water can distract from street noise, providing your guests and employees with a calming place where they can take a breather.

Installing benches around the water feature gives your employees an area where they can enjoy their breaks.

4. Outdoor Seating Areas

Aside from benches around the water feature, provide your guests and employees with other sitting options.

If you have a spacious lawn, consider having a pavilion, pergola or gazebo constructed and furnished with seating options. These features are the perfect focal points for your landscape and functional outdoor space for your employees.

You can install outdoor blinds around these open structures for covering when they are not in use.

If you don’t want a freestanding structure on your property, invest in additional benches, deck chairs and foldable tables and arrange them around your lawn.

Ensure these seating areas are comfy and shaded, which means placing them under tall trees or near lush shrubs.
Additionally, make sure you choose furniture made of durable materials that can withstand the harshest of natural elements and scorching temperatures. These include teak, aluminum and synthetic wicker.

5. Outdoor Lighting

Aside from installing lights around or near the walkways, invest in additional lighting features for your outdoor space.

Use spotlights to draw attention to your signage and lamps to give your outdoor space a professional ambiance at night.

Your outdoor living spaces, stairs or ramps and flower beds can also benefit greatly from new lighting features.

Installing additional lighting features enhances your property’s extra curb appeal and the safety of your outdoor space. To save money on your electric bills and have an eco-friendly lawn, opt for LED or solar lights.

6. Irrigation Systems

Your landscape won’t look great if your turf and plants are dead, dry and unhealthy. To avoid this, ensure your lawn gets enough water.

There are several smart and effective irrigation systems you can choose from that can help you keep your lawn well-hydrated.

These options include drip irrigation systems that target areas where water is needed the most and sub-surface irrigation systems that allow water to be sprayed directly into the plants’ root systems.

An irrigation system lets you do away with hydrating your lawn manually. It is also more water-efficient, allowing you to conserve water and save money in the process.

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A landscaping company can help you choose the right irrigation system for your lawn and install it correctly.
When you have these must-have features on your outdoor space, you’ll have an appealing and enticing commercial property that will impress your customers or clients, guests and employees.

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