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Roman Ziemian: A Story of Motivation, Determination, and a Passion for Music and Motorsport

In the realm of high-speed motorsport and the enchanting melodies of music, one name shines brightly for his unwavering dedication, relentless determination, and a heart that harmonizes with both. Allow us to introduce Roman Ziemian, the extraordinary individual who has masterfully woven his love for music and motorsport into a symphony of success and inspiration.

Roman Ziemian’s remarkable journey stands as a testament to his unswerving devotion to both music and motorsport. Hailing from Jelenia Góra, Poland, he initially embarked on a musical path, earning his diploma from the Jelenia Góra School of Music. Despite his talent and affection for music, Roman ultimately opted for a different career in business, choosing it over a career as a virtuoso. Nevertheless, his passion for music remained deeply rooted in his soul.

On his Instagram, Ziemian states, “The love of music has always been a part of me. I graduated from music school, although I chose the business path instead of pursuing a career as a virtuoso.”

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Roman Ziemian

From Music School to Grand Prix: Roman’s Pursuit of Excellence

Roman Ziemian’s quest for excellence did not conclude with his time at music school. At the tender age of 19, he left his homeland of Poland to chase his dreams in music, motorsport, and his profound love for children. In Germany, he embarked on an extraordinary career, collaborating with prestigious corporations such as BASF, SIEMENS, RAIFAISEN Bank, Skanska, and HEILT + Woerner. Throughout his journey as CEO and President of European companies, Roman garnered invaluable experience in managing diverse teams composed of individuals from various nationalities and cultures.

Simultaneously, Roman enthusiastically embraced the thrill of motorsport. He competed in various racing events throughout Europe, steering Formula 1 and GT cars to victory. In 2018, he established the motorsport team, Racing and F1 Cooperation, participating in renowned competitions such as the Lamborghini Super Trofeo and the GT4 European Series.

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A Tribute to Music: Reviving Poland’s Stradivarius Heritage from the Brink of Obscurity

Despite his corporate accomplishments and motorsport triumphs, Roman Ziemian’s love for music persisted. He embarked on a mission to safeguard Poland’s musical legacy by repatriating the last original Stradivarius violin, meticulously crafted in 1685, to its homeland. During World War II, all original Stradivarius copies created by the legendary Italian craftsman Antonio Stradivari were lost. Roman’s dedication resulted in the Stradivarius being exhibited at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, granting the public the opportunity to marvel at its beauty.

Furthermore, Roman Ziemian undertook the painstaking task of restoring the sole surviving original Stradivarius and generously provided a protective case to safeguard this invaluable musical relic. His actions served as a heartfelt tribute to his parents and music teacher, acknowledging their unwavering support and guidance throughout his journey. Roman’s unique Stradivarius violin stands as a symbol of his commitment to sharing the enchantment of music with the world, rather than allowing it to gather dust in a collector’s display.

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