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Top 6 Super-Luxury Yacht Brands in the World

Yachts offer people comfort, peace, excitement, and a thrilling experience. The overall experience of yachts includes all those emotions that a person needs on vacation. As people love to enjoy yachts and their overall experience, there are a lot of super-luxury yacht brands that are working on building these yachts.

When it comes to luxury yachts, it is important that they need to have some amazing features and breathtaking interior and exterior designs that give people a remarkable sight. The luxury yacht brands not only come up with their own models but are also open to all customized versions. A lot of people who own a luxury yacht have given the brands specific instructions to make their yacht. Even during the time of COVID, a lot of people bought these superyachts to isolate themselves from the people.

In this article, you will get to know about all those super-luxury yacht brands that manufacture these yachts.

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List of Super-Luxury Yacht Brands

All brands have their own process of fulfilling the demands of the customers by making extraordinary yachts for them. They have one motto for luxury yachts that is if the customer can dream about something in the yacht, then they can make it and give them. Here are the world’s top luxury yacht brands that deal with everything that you might need in a yacht. The list is made by the experts of on the basis of the brands that are luxurious.

1. Oceanco

Oceanco started in the year 1987, but it didn’t start working officially until 2002. It started with the 260-foot plus super yacht. It used Dutch craftsmanship and started making unique designs of the yachts. This company feels pride in having an amazing design team in which they have the leading designers that are San Sorgiovanni, Terence Disdale, and Andrew Winch.

Oceanco works mostly on providing people with the customized yachts that they ask for. Till now the company has successfully made 29 customized luxury yachts and currently, a lot more are under construction. Here is an example of the best yacht that Oceanco has ever made.

Bravo Eugenia

Bravo Eugenia Yacht by Oceanco

This yacht which is 109 meters, shows the best architecture that Oceanco has ever developed. One unique element of this yacht is that it is environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient, innovative, and lengthened. Bravo Eugenia was delivered to the customer in the year 2018. This yacht was customized by Jerry Jones, who gifted the yacht to his wife Eugenia and named it after her. Jerry got the yacht for US$ 225 million. The yacht can accommodate up to 14 people and 30 members of the crew. This yacht is the best example of what Oceanco has the ability to make.

2. Benetti

Benetti Yacht

Benetti is an Italian brand that makes some amazing top-notch yachts. The company started in the year 1873, and till now, it has had major importance in the luxurious yacht industry. This brand is functioning for over a century now and looking at the productions, it can be said that the quality of this brand is the best. Benetti focuses on using the latest technology and using Italian design and ideas in the yachts to make some amazing and unique yachts. Till now the brand has made 333 superyachts and is currently working on more.

Spectre Yacht
This is a 69-meter yacht that is entirely customized for John Staluppi who is a billionaire and works in the business of dealing with cars. John is known as the individual who loves yachts, and in just one decade, he bought three yachts. Benetti made this yacht in the year 2018, which can accommodate up to 12 guests and have six private cabins. The yacht has three decks and a maximum speed of 21 knots; at cruising speed, it can hit up to 17 knots. It was sold to John at the price of US$ 70 million.

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3. Royal Huisman

This amazing luxurious brand of yachts started in the year 1884 and is also one of the oldest yacht brands after Benetti. In the initial stages, the company was focused on making some wooden fishing boats that were modern and perfect for fishing. Now at this time, the brand has entirely changed and is known for making the best yachts that come under the category of the most expensive and luxurious yachts.

Royal Huisman presented the motor yachts to their audience, and people loved them. Till now they have made some famous yachts that include Aquarius, Ethereal, and Sea Eagle II.


Yacht Aquarius by Royal Huisman

The yacht Aquarius by Royal Huisman was delivered in the year 2018. It is a 56m sailing yacht with some of the best powerful and modern architecture. This yacht was sold for the price of US$ 200 million and currently comes under the best yachts that are ever made by Royal Huisman.

4. Heesen

Heesen is not only the world’s best brand of a luxury yacht, but it also holds the position of a brand that has potential customers from different parts of the world. The brand started in the year 1978 and got very popular on the news because of the unique design and latest engineering and technology used in all their yachts.

The brand uses aluminum which is only used by luxury brands for their yachts to give the boat high efficiency and lightness. A lot of brands start manufacturing customized yachts after the order. As for Heesen, they have the option that the customers can pick up the semi-customized yachts so that they can add in all the designs they want apart from the ones already present. In this manner, they can get the yacht in a very short time. Most luxury brands take 2 to 3 years to complete one customized yacht, but Heesen works on providing the best quality in a short time. Look at the details of one of the best yachts that Heesen has made.


Alive Yacht by Heesen

Alive was delivered in 2014 having accommodation that is for up to 12 guests and six separate cabins. There is also space for five cabins that are only for the crew members. It has a breathtaking view from a VIP suite which is made on the main deck. Most of the yacht is surrounded by glass windows that give all the people a very unique and panoramic view. The above deck was full of sight and amazing views, and on the lower deck, there are entertainment platforms such as a flatscreen television and massive suite bathrooms. The price for this yacht is currently €18,500,000.

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5. Feadship

Feadship is a collective brand of two yacht companies that is Royal Van Lent Shipyard and Koninklijke De Vries. Both companies started Feadship in 1949, which is only responsible for making customized super yachts. Both of these companies separately have been present for over a century, but they started this venture a little late. With some amazing experience, the brands are making the best technically advanced yachts that fulfill all the requirements of the customers of having a luxurious model.


Anna Yacht by Feadship

Feadship’s largest ever-made yacht is Anna which was delivered in the year 2018. It is a 110 meters yacht that includes a landing pad and a diesel-electric propulsion system. This yacht has a special element in that all the balconies and organic shapes are hand sculpted. Currently, Anna is owned by Dmitry Rybolovlev who is a billionaire businessman whose business is worth billions. He named the yacht after his daughter’s name. This was sold to him at the price of US$ 250 million.

6. Westport Yachts

Westport Yachts is an American brand that has been functioning since 1964. The focus of this brand is on customer service and brokerage, where they make customized boats for all their customers. They have some standard-sized ideas that the buyers can choose from. They not only worked on customized versions but also made their unique designs and then placed them in a sale. Some of their yachts are also made solely for the reason of hotels.

Westport 50 Meter

Westport Yacht 50 Meter

Westport delivered 50Meter in 2011, and recently, it was again refitted in 2018 to make it a perfect yacht. This is the most expensive and best yacht that has been manufactured by Westport. It is of 50m naval architecture where Taylor Olsen and William Garden make the exterior, and Donald Starkey makes the interior; all of these people have a major reputation in the field of the yacht industry. Now, he uses it for his trips and mostly for holidays and vacations.

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Final thoughts about the best super-luxury yacht brands in the world

All the super-luxury yacht brands have made some of the well-known yachts that are currently owned by people who take very good care of them. Most of these brands are now at least two decades old. Some are present for a very long time. These brands are the core reason for some amazing luxury yachts that are present for people and private owners to enjoy and buy.

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