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Top 10 Most Amazing Future Projects in Dubai

Dubai is that one city in the world that believes in progress and innovation. Where the whole world is getting involved with political and economical wars, Dubai is the only city focusing on its infrastructure. This is the only reason why it is so popular among the tourists and is the first choice of people planning out a family vacation. Despite of offering the most exquisite buildings and locations to the world, Dubai has not taken a sigh of relief. Rather, it has come up with much more zeal and zest to provide even better future projects in Dubai to its citizens. Some of the future projects in Dubai that are amazing enough to keep you spell bound for a long time are.

Ten Amazing Future Projects in Dubai

Following are the list of ten amazing future projects in Dubai.

Bluewater Island
Bluewater Island Dubai Project

The Bluewater island is one of the most advanced future projects in Dubai that builders has started working on. Having the cost of $1.6 billion, the project is said to be spread over a distance of 500-meter. In this project, two bridges will be constructed that will be 1400 meters long each. With the completion of this project, it is being said that the number of tourists coming to Dubai will get double. The project’s construction started in April 2013 and estimated completion is expected in first quarter of 2018. The Major attraction of Bluewater Island is “Dubai Eye”, A 210 meter (689 ft) tall giant Ferris Wheel. On completion it will be the world’s tallest Ferris Wheel. Currently the tallest Ferris Wheel is the High Roller 167.6 (550 ft) meters in Las Vegas, opened in March 2014. Dubai Eye even will be taller than the New York Wheel 190.5 meter (625 ft), planned for Staten Island and is scheduled to open in 2017.

Mall of the World
Mall of the World Dubai Project

The mall of the world is also considered to be one of the biggest and most sought after future projects in Dubai that will be the biggest shopping Mall in World on its completion. The mall of the world will be having a theme park, World’s Largest Mall (Currently Dubai Mall is the largest Mall in the World), 100 hotels and a theater district. Not only this but it will also come up with a street with temperature control properties elongated to at least seven kilometers. 48 million square foot Mall of the World Project was announced in July 2014 location in Al Sufouh district, along Sheikh Zayed Road.

Dubai Creek Harbour
Dubai Creek Harbour Project

Dubai Creek Harbour is the joint venture of Emaar Properties and Dubai Holding. Dubai creek harbour consists of two large towers providing hundreds of people with luxurious residential apartments. The towers that will be thirty to thirty five stories tall will provide apartments having three to four rooms each. Dubai Creek Harbour is designed with future generations in mind offering the best infrastructure. It is a place where people will live, work and play and can build a community where families can reach their aspirations for generations to come. Dubai Creek Harbour is being considered to become the best future projects in Dubai.

Dubai Water Canal
Dubai Water Canal Project

The Dubai water canal that is supposed to be as long as 3 kms starting from Business Bay into the Persian Gulf through Safa Park and Jumeirah. The Amazing future projects in Dubai will be having somewhat 450 restaurants in it. Not only this but it will also provide super luxurious housing and apartment scheme along with cycling tracks to the tourist. The width range from 80 meters to 120 meters. It will be six meters deep and bridges built eight meters high. It will create new public places and facilities of 80,000 square meters with private marinas for boats and trade center at the entrance of the canal.

Museum of the Future
Museum of the Future in Dubai

As the name suggests, the Museum of the Future that is being funded by the Crown Prince of Dubai will be one of the most exquisite museums of the world. The project is being considered to end by the year 2017 and people are anxiously waiting to visit the museum. It will also house an incubation center for new inventions along with the museum of prototyped ideas. Museum’s motto ‘See the future, create the future’ is in line with the new approach towards innovation. In this museum, rather than just displaying exhibits or publishing reports, this museum will use design, technology prototyping and foresight to create real examples of change. This museum will also be the permanent home for the world’s greatest innovations, which will work to stimulate and incubate imaginative solutions to the challenges of future cities. As an integrated environment this museum will bring together brilliant researchers, designers, inventors and financiers under one roof to empower the creative mindsets to test, fund and market their ideas for futuristic prototypes ans service. All of these make it not only the best future projects in Dubai but make it the best project in world.

Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame Project

Dubai Frame is being constructed in the heart of Dubai to enhance the attraction of the city even more. The project is being considered to get completed in December 2015. Once complete the pillars will be an iconic project shaped like a giant window frame. As its name suggests, Dubai Frame will frame views of the city, allowing a scene of Old Dubai from one side and the New Dubai skyline from another. The over-sized rectangle will serve as a giant 150 metre by 93 metre viewfinder. There will also be a viewing gallery on the top side of the frame called the “sky bridge” offering panoramic views. An elevator made of glass will offer unobstructed views as visitors travel up and down the sides of the frame.

Aladdin City
Aladdin City Project

Aladdin City as the name suggest is a themed future projects in Dubai based on tales of Aladdin and Sindbad. Aladdin project will be having three buildings in it. Not only this but air conditioned bridges with moving floor will be constructed to connect all the three buildings together. The shape of the bridges represents the form of exotic marine life such as dragon and snakes. Three towers will have a built up area of 110,000 square meters with the highest tower of 34 storeys. The other two towers will have 26 and 25 floors respectively. There will be a total parking space for 900 cars.

Al Maktoum International Airport
Al Maktoum International Airport Project

Al Maktoum International Airport is another huge future projects in Dubai at the heart of Dubai. The airport will have six runways in it parallel to one another providing nonstop international flights to the customer. It will cover an area of 35,000 acres. The airport has a projected annual capacity of 12 million tonnes of freight and between 160 million and 260 million passengers. As of December 2014, only a handful of airlines operate passenger services out of Al Maktoum International Airport.

Dubai theme parks
Dubai Theme Parks Project

This new future projects in Dubai names as Dubai land is as amazing as its name. with a whooping cost of $70 billion, it is supposed to have all kinds of theme parks in it making the life of a tourist even more exciting and thrilling.

Deira Islands
Deira Islands Project

Deira Islands is being constructed with full zest as it is supposed to provide the tourists with as many as 740 rooms in which they can view the beach directly. The amphitheater being made inside it has the capacity to have as many as 30,000 people at a time. Deira Island will also have about 1,400 retail units plus a hotel. This another amazing future projects in Dubai was initially planned to be part of the Palm Islands and was called ‘Palm Deira‘.

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