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Your Quick Guide to Radio Advertising in Dubai

Are you looking for a new way to reach your target market in Dubai? Are you hoping to connect with more people and raise the profile of your business? Do you need a cost-effective solution? Radio advertising in Dubai is likely to tick all these boxes for you. Research shows that it’s one of the most effective ways to advertise your business across Dubai. Read on to learn more about how and why it works, as well as how easy it is to organize.

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Does radio advertising work?

Yes! In Dubai, there are a lot of people listening to the radio. According to research by Nielsen, a consumer research and analytics company, 93% of UAE residents listen to radio programming for at least nine hours a week. Many do so in their cars. The average daily commute in the UAE is 96 minutes, which means there is high engagement with this medium.

Reach more than half a million people

While radio advertising can sometimes be portrayed as the unfashionable cousin of online and television advertising, it can reach a lot of people. The key is to make sure you are hitting the right station at the right time of day. Breakfast and drive times (i.e., 6-9:30 a.m. and 4-6 p.m.) are peak hours in radio. There are many stations to choose from in Dubai, some of which can boast listener numbers exceeding half a million people.

Find new business

Radio ads will help you reach people who may never have heard of your business. Creating a positive image through a radio ad will raise your company profile and build brand awareness. This will help you generate new business and consolidate your relationship with existing customers.

Create top-of-mind awareness

Have you noticed that ads played regularly on radio often become earworms? Excellent consumer recall is a distinct advantage of radio advertising. Top-of-mind awareness is created through a carefully targeted advertising campaign on the right stations for your potential customer base.

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What are the options in Dubai?

There are dozens of stations to choose from in Dubai. Amongst these are stations in multiple languages. Here are some of the most popular.

  • English language stations generally have the highest listener numbers. They target both the many English-speaking expats in Dubai along with those who enjoy English or American culture and music. Virgin Radio Dubai and Dubai 92 are both stations that play international hits and have big listener numbers. Dubai Eye Radio features news and talk shows that are also popular with adults.
  • In the Arabic language, Al Arabiya is well-liked. This features both music and entertaining programming and leads listener numbers.
  • ARN’s City 101.6 is the most popular Asian and Indian station. Hit 96.7 offers the most favoured Malayalam programming.

All in all, there are a lot of great choices. Read on for more information on which to go for.

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Radio Ads in Dubai

How much does radio advertising cost?

The cost of investing in a radio advertising spot varies a lot. Prices depend on the station you choose and the times they agree to air your ad. By doing your research, you should be able to find a solution to meet your goals on your budget.

Besides a traditional commercial ad played on repeat, there are other options that may come in at a different price. Show sponsorship is an option for some stations. Running competitions is another. These are flexible in terms of length.

Production of your ad is the other investment. The cost of this is likely to be affected by the length of your ad, your script and music needs, and other variables.

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How do I go about creating a radio ad?

Talk to an agency specialising in production for radio advertising in Dubai to discuss your requirements. Radio ad script writing and production are unique skills, quite different from the creation of social media video content or television ads. Be sure to go to an agency that knows exactly what they are doing.

Here are some of the services they must be able to offer you:

  • Tried and tested experience in creating successful radio ads in Dubai
  • Sound design that makes use of comprehensive libraries of music and sound effects
  • Script writing in a variety of languages or with translation, if required
  • Original music composition or sound effects, if wanted
  • A choice of voice artists
  • Studio recording services
  • Post-production editing

Once you have your ad, you’ll need to find the right station. Research the different demographics and listener numbers of the possible stations. This will ensure that you reach the right audience.

Do not spread your ad too thinly across stations. Radio ads are effective because of their repeated exposure to the same people many times. This makes them easily recalled by listeners. Therefore, it is likely to be more advantageous to place your ad on one station repeatedly rather than just once or twice on multiple stations.

Dubai is a fruitful place to choose radio advertising. Just be sure to pick an award-winning, experienced and creative sound production company to get the very best out of this medium.

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