Dubai Palm Islands – National Geographic Documentary [Megastructures]

Last updated on July 7th, 2015

Dubai Palm Islands can easily be consider as the “Wonder of Engineering”. Nothing has been build anything like this before in modern engineering history. Dubai Palm Islands, largest artificial islands in world, are consists of three islands. 1st one was Palm Jumeirah, The Palm Jabel Ali built 2nd and then the last and the biggest Palm Deira. All of these islands are build in shape of Palm Tree with a crescent on top.

Dubai Palm Islands

The basic purpose of building Palm Islands were to extend coastline of Dubai to make Dubai as one of the top tourist destination in the world. Before the Palm Islands Dubai coastline is only 50km long which is not enough to build projects on the beach. The Palm Island added 120km of beaches to the city. Major Residential and Commercial projects, such as Atlantis Hotel Dubai, build on these Palm Islands. All three Palm Islands have over 100 luxury hotels, beautiful residential beach-side villas & apartments, Water Theme parks, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Health Spas and luxury sports facilities.

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Dubai Palm Islands is constructed by Nakheel Properties and the Palm Jumeirah construction begins in June 2001 under the management of Belgian and Dutch contractors Jan De Nul and Van Oord, some of the world’s specialists in land reclamation. Shortly after, the Palm Jebel Ali was announced and reclamation work began. The Palm Deira with 46.35 square kilometer was announced for development in October 2004.