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9 Major Incidents of Fire Breakout in Dubai

Dubai is very well known for the constructions of the most unique and luxurious mega-structures in the world. Dubai is the heaven of high technology used in these skyscrapers. Safety is the number one priority for the companies who built these mega buildings. However, in recent years there are some major incidents of fire breakout in Dubai which news go viral all over the world.

Incidents of Fire Breakout in Dubai

Here we are listing 9 major incidents of fire breakouts in Dubai happened in recent years.

1. The Address Hotel on New Year Eve 2016

Famous The Address Hotel adjacent to mighty Burj Khalifa caught on fire on New Year Eve 2016 just a few hours before the mega New Year fireworks. Dubai is very well known for the New Year fireworks every year and Burj Khalifa is the major attraction of the whole event.

2. Lamborghini Caught on Fire

Last year in September AED 1.65 million worth Lamborghini Aventador burst into flames in the middle of street. Driver behind the vehicle caught the fire on camera when the exhaust pipe catch fire.

3. Fire broke out at Baithal Ravi Restaurant in Dubai

Fire broke out in Baithal Ravi Restaurant in April 2014, one of the most popular Indian and Pakistani restaurant in Dubai located on Al Musalla Road in Bur Dubai area.

4. Fire in Tamweel Tower at Dubai’s Jumeirah Lakes Towers

In November 2012 around 1:30am 34-storey Tamweel Tower at Jumeirah Lakes Towers catches fire left hundreds of people displaced and damaged several apartments. Fortunately nobody was hurt.

5. Large Yacht on Fire at Dubai Marina

A large and luxury Yacht caught on fire at Dubai Marina on March 2010. Fire was quickly handled by the onsite management team and emergency services before it did further damage. No other boat were damaged and left with no human injuries.

6. Fortune Tower Fire at Jumeirah Lakes Towers

In January 2007. Fortune Tower at Jumeirah Lakes Towers opposite Dubai Marina caught on fire. Building was under-construction at the moment. This unfortunate incident left Two construction workers dead and 67 injured.

7. Massive Fire at Chalet Restaurant in Dubai

Another New Year Eve unfortunate incident when famous Chalet Restaurant also known as Chalet Grill Plus near Holiday Inn hotel in Dubai caught on fire on New Year’s Eve 2014.

8. The Atlantis Dubai Fire Incident before inauguration of the Hotel

A massive fire broke out at The Atlantis Hotel Dubai in September 2008 just two weeks before the opening ceremony of the hotel. Fire breakout at 7:00am early in the morning and reported no causality.

9. 19 Cars Caught on Fire at Sharjah University Car Parking

Just two days ago fire burned 19 cars in the parking area of Sharjah University Women’s campus. Fire was reported at 11:30am on Sunday left no injuries or casualties. Sounds of explosions were also heard.

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